7 Natural Remedies For Lightening Dark Spots On Nose

When it comes to skin care, people often forget taking care of nose. In fact, many people do not concentrate on the nose area as much as they do for other parts of their facial skin. But, all of us need to pamper our nose as well for looking stunning and beautiful. If nose is not given proper care and attention, the dark spots can appear on it. The accumulation of dark spots lessens the overall facial beauty. Reasons such as hormonal imbalances and hyper pigmentation can lead to the issue of appearance of dark spots on the nose. However, there is no need to bother about this issue any longer. There are fantastic natural ways for lightening the dark spots on nose that we are going to mention in this article. Go through this article for getting to know about them.

1. Fuller’s Earth And Honey:

Fuller’s earth has the capability of lightening the skin. Honey works great in nourishing your skin. The effectiveness of these ingredients gets enhanced when lemon juice is added. Add 2 teaspoons fuller’s earth to 1 teaspoon honey and ½ teaspoon lemon juice. Combine them all and apply the resultant thick paste on the nose. Allow this paste sit on your nose for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with the cold water. Continue this method for two times a week for noticing the desirable results.

Fuller’s Earth And Honey

2. Potato Juice:

Amazing and powerful bleaching properties of potato are highly appreciable and famous. These properties of potato juice are highly known to be beneficial in lightening the black spots from your nose. The juice of the potato greatly assists in reducing the skin pigmentation as well. Extract the juice from one potato. Now, spread the potato juice on your nose and allow it to dry. When the juice is fully dried on your nose, then you have to wash it off with the cold water. Repeat this method on the regular basis for getting the best results.

Potato Juice

3. Coriander And Yogurt:

Both these ingredients are highly famous for their amazing skin lightening properties. Therefore, the combination of these things greatly helps in eliminating the dark spots from your nose. This marvelous combination lightens your skin tone. As a first step, take few fresh leaves of the coriander. Add some amount of water to those leaves and finely grind them in order to get the thick paste. After getting the thick paste, you need to add single teaspoonful of yogurt to that coriander paste. Mix these two ingredients very well. Then, apply the paste on your skin and let it stay on your skin for ten minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with the cold water. Repeat this method two times in a week for enjoying the best results.

Coriander And Yogurt

4. Vitamin E Oil:

One of the awesome ingredients that work wonders in reducing the appearance of darkness on the nose is vitamin E oil. Huge amounts of the anti-oxidants in vitamin E oil are highly effective in fighting against the free radicals which can lead to skin damage. Besides this, vitamin E oil also greatly assists in repairing the skin cells and thus it offers you the natural radiance. Extract oil from one vitamin E capsule. Apply this oil on your nose and massage for few minutes. Leave the oil to stay on your nose for the entire night. In the next morning, rinse it off with the cold water. Follow this night therapy on the regular basis for few days or until you gain relief from the dark spots from your nose.

Vitamin E Oil

5. Saffron And Milk:

Saffron is highly appreciated for its amazing skin whitening properties. Milk contains lactic acid which greatly aids in lightening the skin. Therefore, the blend of these two ingredients work wonders in lightening dark spots that are present on your nose. Take equal amounts of these two ingredients and mix them well. Apply this saffron and milk mask on your nose with the assistance of cotton ball. Let this mixture rest on your skin for ten minutes. Then, utilize cold water for rinsing off the pack from your nose.

Saffron And Milk

6. Turmeric And Lemon:

Using the combination of turmeric and lemon is another wonderful alternative for managing dark spots on nose. Add half teaspoon of turmeric powder to one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix these things well for getting the smooth paste. Spread the resultant paste evenly on your nose with your fingertips. Let the pack dry naturally for some time. Then, wash it off with the warm water. The blend of turmeric and lemon greatly helps in lightening your skin also when applied regularly.

Turmeric And Lemon

7. Buttermilk:

Enzymes and lactic acid in butter milk greatly help in exfoliating your skin. The application of this amazing combination is a great way of managing skin pigmentation. Add single teaspoon of the tomato juice to 2 teaspoons of the butter milk. Unite these ingredients. Slather the resultant mixture on your nose with the cotton ball. Let the mixture dry naturally on your skin. Afterwards, wash it off with the cold water. Follow this method on the regular basis for enjoying the marvelous results.