7 Nutrients Your Child Must Get

7 Nutrients Your Child Must Get

Every child should eat a balanced diet but what exactly is balanced diet? Well, a balanced diet is the diet having proper composition of every nutrient needed for the growth and the proper development of the child. It is not about focusing on a particular nutrient. You can give your child this kind of diet, if you have the proper knowledge of what do children need for proper growth and development. To give you this knowledge and help your child grow properly, down here are listen the top 7 nutrients that every child should receive for normal development. Go read about these all and help your child grow properly.

7 Nutrients That Every Child Must Get:

1. Protein:

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients among all that your child must get [1]. The function of protein is to build the cells, break down the food and convert it into energy, carry oxygen to all parts of the body and fight infection. The foods that are the rich sources of protein are fish, eggs, poultry, beans, dairy products, nuts and meat. Do add these in your child’s diet and see how well he grows.


2. Fats:

For kids, fats are great source of energy and are can easily be preserved in the body [2]. With the help of fats, the body is able to use the essential nutrients properly. Foods with high level of fats are nut, fish, cooking oil, whole milk daily products and meat.


3. Vitamin C:

Not only for fighting common cold, but vitamin c is necessary for holding the entire body’s cell together, healing wounds and injury and strengthening the walls of the blood vessels as well [3]. Also, it is important for building the teeth and the bones strong. Do let your child eat foods such as oranges, melons, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, papayas, mangos, cauliflower, strawberries and spinach as these are high in vitamin c.

Vitamin C

4. Vitamin A:

For kids and adults, vitamin a serves different purposes [4]. With the help of this vitamin, children growth become normal and the eyes are also sharp as children don’t experience problem while seeing in dim or bright light. Vitamin a is necessary for preventing infection as well as keeping skin healthy. Foods that contain high level of this vitamin are carrots, fish oils, egg yolks, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots and apricots.

Vitamin A

5. Folate:

Not only for soon-to-be-moms but folate is essential for kids as well [5]. It is one of the b vitamins and is very important for the development and the healthy growth of the cells. The children should never suffer from its deficiency as it may cause anemia. Do receive folate from chickpeas, asparagus, whole grain cereals, spinach, Brussels sprouts and black or brown kidney beans.


6. Carbohydrate:

For many people, carbohydrate is the fat increasing nutrients [6]. Well, no it is the most important nutrients that provides energy and also cuts the carb. With the help of carbohydrate, the body becomes able to use protein and fat, not only for building but also repairing the tissues. Carbohydrate can come in the form of sugars, fibers and starches. Kids should be eating more of fibers and starches and less of sugary carbohydrate. Foods that are rich sources of carbohydrate are juice, crackers, pasta, breads and potatoes.


7. Calcium:

Calcium is important for the bones and the teeth [7]. It is the needed not only for children but for everyone. Calcium is even required for clotting of blood and the heart, muscles and the nerves to function properly. You can get calcium through yoghurt, ice cream, milk, broccoli, tofu, egg yolks, spinach and cheese.