7 Super Foods You Should Eat Before You Workout

It is always advised that one should never workout with empty stomach. You need the carbs and proteins to perform the vigorous workouts such as cycling, running, swimming or jogging. Today we are going to discuss about few superfoods which you can consume before workout to get that much needed energy and nutrients for workout. Most of the people prefer to have various protein shakes but these super foods are equally beneficial and are easily available at our home.

So Let’s Have A Look At Those Super Foods:

1. Chickpeas:

I am sure you would be surprised to see chickpeas in this list. But let me tell you chickpeas contains higher amount of fibers and carbs. One cup of Chickpea can give you up to ten grams of protein, thirty grams of carbs, and nine grams of fibers. It is advised to have a bowl of cooked chickpeas before you go for the workout. You can sprinkle some pepper and salt over it and consume.


2. Banana:

Banana is no doubt a super food. All of us know the health benefits of this incredible fruit. It contains higher amount of carbohydrates which helps to keep you full for a longer time. It also helps to maintain the muscles and the nerves due to its potassium content. It is advised to consume at least two bananas before you go for the workout. It would help you to get the much needed energy for the workout.


3. Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are another best option as your Pre-workout snack.  It contains high amount of anti oxidants and vitamin e which gives you instant energy for the work out. If you do not wish you have any other before going for a workout you can munch on handful of these dry fruits. It also helps you to keep your weight in check. You can consume a mixture of apricot, dried berries, walnuts, almonds etc.

Dry Fruits

4. Greek Yogurt:

Greek Yogurt contains comparatively higher protein than the regular yogurt. It is advised to consume at least half a cup of greek yogurt before you work out. You can also add some dry fruits or seasonal fruits to make it more delicious and healthy. You should always consider to consume Greek yogurt than the regular one as it is more healthier.

Greek Yogurt

5. Egg Whites:

How can we forget the egg whites when we talk about pre workout protein rich super foods. We all know that eggs are rich in protein . Hence it is the best option to consume before workout. But make sure you only consume the egg whites as the egg yolk contains large amount of fats which metabolized  quiet slowly and keep you feeling bloated and heavy all the time.

Egg Whites

6. Oats:

This is an another healthy super food to consume before your workout. Oats contain higher amount of fibers. It helps to release the high amount of carbohydrates in your blood stream which gives you the high energy. It is advised to consume one cup of oats with a yogurt to give you the steady energy through out the day.


7. Fruit Smoothie:

This is a very tasty and delicious pre workout snack alternative. Fruit smoothies contain high amount of proteins which gets digested easily by the body. You can add various seasonal fruits in your smoothie as per your choice. It is advised to sip a one glass of a fruit smoothie to get instant energy and necessary protein for the workout.

Fruit Smoothie