7 Warning Signs Of Stomach Ulcer That You Can’t Neglect

In the context of Medical Science, Stomach Ulcer is alternatively referred to as Peptic Ulcer and is usually visualized along the upper portion of the intestine or along the inside layer of the stomach.One of the most prominent reasons of stomach ulcer is attributed to an infection which is usually caused by a bacteria –H Pylori. Alongside there are numerous other factors a well that if not monitored well on time can consequently results in the emergence of stomach ulcer, including the disparity in the composition of digestive juices in your body., excessive stress level can also be the reason behind this, consumption of spicy food along with the individuals who have a habit of smoking or excessive drinking can also be targeted by stomach ulcers in the long run.

So, it is highly recommended to take into account the below-listed warning signs of stomach ulcers, which if not monitored well on time can also become the potent reason of uncontrolled bleeding along with several other criticalities in your body. Under mentioned are 7 Warning signs of stomach ulcers. Let’s discuss them briefly, one-by-one in detail:

Under mentioned are 7 Warning signs of stomach ulcers. Let’s discuss them briefly, one-by-one in detail:

1. Feeling Bloated All Day Long

This is one of the most prominent warning signs of stomach ulcers, that can’t be neglected at all. Usually, a person feels bloated all day long along with the excessive feeling of gastric issue that can make him feel quite bumpy and troubled at large. Alongside, it, may also be supplemented with burping which makes you quite discomfit much of the times. To get an instant relief, just intake some anise seeds or fresh 4-5 mint leaves along with warm water for at least 2-3 times a day.

 Feeling Bloated All Day Long

2. Recurrent Feeling Of Nausea Or Vomiting

Another most significant alarming sign of stomach ulcer includes recursive feeling of vomiting or nausea that is usually the outcome of excessive heartburn or acidity in your stomach. During the initial stages of this issue, you get the sensation of Nausea very frequently, which may, later on, be accompanied by excessive vomiting and in the advanced stages can also be the reason for blood vomitings. So, it is highly recommended to consult your Medical Practitioner at the earliest for getting away with this health issue with-in significant amount of time.

 Recurrent Feeling Of Nausea Or Vomiting

3. Excessive Heartburn

A more appropriate term for this issue in Medical Science is Gastroesophageal Reflux disorder. Most of the time, who have been targeted by stomach ulcers complaints of a lot of distress and acidity issues, which if not controlled well-on time will tend to reach your heart and thus be the potent reason for excessive heartburn. More appropriately this has been attributed to the to-and-fro movement of gas or acidity with in the stomach that causes heartburn when these gases get slide into the Oesophagus panel of the body thus leading to extreme discomfort and mental agony.

Excessive Heartburn

4. Extreme Belly Pain

This is usually the most characteristic sign of the warning stomach ulcer. During the initial phase, you will the extreme pain in your belly which will then proceeds towards your neck or even at the back posture of your body and ranges from modest to severe level of pain that keeps on worsening once you take some food stuff or meal. Alongside, if it is an advanced stage of stomach ulcer you may also bear some sleepless nights. So, it is highly recommended to refer to your Medical practitioner at the earliest.

Extreme Belly Pain

5. Exceptional Loss Of Body-Weight

One of the extreme effects of stomach ulcer on your body is the sudden depreciation in the overall body weight, which may be attributed to the loss of appetite and absorption of nutritive values from the food stuff you consume usually. Not only this, this can further make you feel weak and lethargic alongside hiking the level of acidity in your body which makes the otherwise healing process even more complicated.

Exceptional Loss Of Body-Weight

6. Passing Of Blood In The Stool

Stomach ulcer, if not monitored and rectified with-in time, can become the root cause of several other severe health ailments. If you are on the advanced stage of stomach ulcer /peptic ulcer, then chances are there, that you may begin to pass in blood in the stool or it may consequently result in passing of dark stool, thereby leading to the passing of stool terribly throbbing and problematic at large.

Passing Of Blood In The Stool

7. Loss Of Appetite

Another most prominent sign of stomach ulcer is the loss of appetite or your desire to crave for food, which has usually been attributed to frequent nausea and vomiting, that tends to affect the personal health along with drastically depreciating the level of energy in one’s body.So, these are all the 7 warning signs of stomach ulcers that should not be neglected at large and should be taken into account quite seriously.

 Loss Of Appetite