8 Amazing Foods Rich In Leucine

Leucine is an amino acid used for building proteins. It is classified as a branched chain amino acid. This amino acid motivates protein synthesis in the muscles. It may also encourage the discharge of the insulin to activate glucose and amino acid uptake from the bloodstream. Besides being involved with the protein synthesis, this amino acid greatly aids in maintaining the balance of the nitrogen in the body. It also promotes the repair of the skin, muscles and bones. The body cannot produce this amino acid and therefore it must be attained through the diet or supplements. In this article, we are going to share few of the amazing foods rich in Leucine.

1. Fish:

Fish is one of the amazing dietary sources of Leucine. Fish protein is high in Leucine. Due to the presence of Leucine, fish offers wide range of health benefits. It is very effective for nitrogen balance in your body. The consumption of fish is greatly helpful in repairing the skin, bones and muscles. Include fish in your daily diet for enhancing Leucine levels in the body.[1]


2. Milk:

Milk is another food source of Leucine. In fact, the chief components of milk protein are casein and whey. Cow’s milk consists of twenty percent of whey and eight percent of casein. And whey protein is an excellent source of the Leucine. Milk proteins provide most of the anti-kryptonite benefits of Leucine. The consumption of one glass of milk on the regular basis work wonder in the maintenance and development of the muscle mass.[2]


3. Eggs:

Eggs contain the maximum amounts of the Leucine. Besides Leucine, eggs also contain high amounts of valine and Isoleucine. Eggs are rich in all other essential amino acids as well. With all these essential amino acids, eggs serve as the best protein which you can consume for anabolism. Leucine, valine and Isoleucine are the branched-chain amino acids which are essential for the human life. One egg contains about four hundred milligrams of Leucine.[3]


4. Beef:

Another food source that comes to your rescue for enhancing the Leucine levels in your body is beef. Leucine, valine and Isoleucine in beef are particularly involved when one is under stress and at threat of breaking down lean muscle. These branched-chain amino acids are utilized in energy and are metabolized mainly by the muscles.[4]


5. Soy:

Soy beans and soy proteins are other major dietary sources of Leucine. Besides enhancing the Leucine levels to the body, soy offer wide range of health benefits. Soy may slow the risk of stroke and development of arteriosclerosis. Soy may also assist in decreasing the symptoms of the osteoporosis by increasing the bone density and keeping bone calcium loss at bay.[5]


6. Almonds:

Almonds are other good sources of Leucine. Highest protein synthesis is believed to occur with 1.5 grams of Leucine. One fourth cup of almonds provides 0.5 grams of Leucine. Prefer to consume few almonds per day on regular basis so as to increase the Leucine levels in the body.[6]


7. Corn:

Corn is one of the good sources of Leucine. In fact, corn is known to contain an excess amount of Leucine. The recommended intake of Leucine for adults is in the range of forty to fifty mg/kg. Higher amounts of Leucine are required for growth.[7]


8. Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese is rich in protein that offers Leucine and other essential amino acids to the body. Protein in cottage cheese is used for building muscles and other tissue. Cottage cheese is also rich in calcium. The highest intake of this mineral is very beneficial in promoting the testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone greatly helps in muscle gain.[8]

Cottage Cheese