8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon water is considered to be a very healthy drink because it has an ability to fight against attack of severe diseases like diabetes, heart stroke and kidney stones. For a person who wants to lose his or her weight, lemon water also proves to be very effective in attaining such goal fast. Drinking 1 glass of lemon water in breakfast during morning time works well in improving the function of digestive system as it stimulate hydrochloric acid production without causing health hazard. Lemon richness in Vitamin C and citric acid helps in balancing the pH level of the body with its alkalizing effect. It can also easily neutralize the free radicals with its oxidizing effect.

Here Are Top 8 Reasons Which Will Ensure You To Drink It Every Day:

1. Boosts Energy:

Lemon water is an amazing energy booster and is used in the making of energy drinks like Red Bull but in reality, it is more effective than this branded drink too . Combination of lemon water and honey forms very healthy energy drink that can keep you energized and refreshed for a very long time.

Boosts Energy

2. Reduces Cough And Cold:

If you’re suffering from common cold and cough then drinking of lemon water will definitely ease your discomfort as lemon can easily dissolve mucus thereby giving lubrication to the choked throats caused due to common cold. Lemon water richness in Vitamin C and antioxidants like Bioflavonoids, makes it an ideal remedy to fight against fever, cold and cough like complications. For cough, you can drink lemon water mixed with few drops of honey to suppress cough and symptoms of cold.

Reduces Cough And Cold

3. Good For Asthma:

Patients suffering from respiratory problems like asthma attacks are always advised to drink 1 glass of lemon water daily in the morning as its richness in Vitamin C and anti-oxidizing action can fight free radicals comfortably. It also reduces airway constriction and contraction of muscles that are mainly responsible for respiration related problem. Lemon water is very helpful in clearance of mucus from air vessels thereby making your body compatible to breathe freely.

Good For Asthma

4. Helps In Reducing Diabetes:

Lemon water is too good for lowering the blood sugar level due to the presence of yellow colored compound named Bioflavonoids in it. This compound is very helpful in stimulating the insulin production by the body of its victim which plays a significant role in reducing the high blood sugar level to its normal level. If you hate the sour taste of lemon water then you can also add a few slices of apple to it so as to make your drink sweet and delicious in taste.

Helps In Reducing Diabetes

5. Lowers Acidity And Constipation:

Lemon water is too much effective in lowering the cholesterol level and complications like acidity by balancing the pH level of your body. Increase in pH level generally causes acidity which can be controlled easily by drinking a glass of lemon when you realize such discomfort as it can give immediate relief from acidity by reducing your body pH level and cholesterol level frequently. It is an remedy for keeping your stomach safe from problems like constipation as Vitamin C and citric acid of lemon water offers better lubrication to the digestive system that promotes flushing out of undigested food through colon.

 Lowers Acidity And Constipation

6. Helps Is Fighting Cancerous Cells:

Lemon water richness in compound called ‘Bioflavomnoid’ and presence of citric acid in it works very effectively in the cancerous cells and reducing risk of free radical damage that promotes such dangerous cells growth. Health experts recommend drinking of 1 glass of lemon water daily in the morning with empty stomach as the antioxidants present in it can combat with the cell oxidation comfortably. Lemon water is also rich in pectin compound that plays a vital role protecting your intestines from dangerous cancer causing cells.

Helps Is Fighting Cancerous Cells

7. Good For Heart Attack:

If you’re suffering from panic heart attack or other heart problems like heartburn, heart stroke then you must drink 2-3 glasses of lemon daily as the potassium content of lemon water improves the circulation of blood throughout arteries. IT promotes the production of bile by offering the necessary fluids needed by human intestines for flushing out the toxins from the body and raising blood circulation.

Good For Heart Attack

8. Helps In Scurvy:

Scurvy is a very complex ailment which is associated with the deficiency of Vitamin C on its victim body. Drinking of lemon water daily in morning and evening time will remove the deficiency of Vitamin C thereby helping in fast recovery from scurvy. However, you must consult your doctor before using this remedy as person taking medications of any disease generally faces some side effects while using this remedy.

Helps In Scurvy