8 Amazing Iodine Rich Foods

The micronutrient which is responsible for regulating the function of the thyroid is iodine. It is very helpful in supporting the healthy metabolism. It reduces the risk of cancer which is a chronic disease. Iodine is also required for the proper development and growth of the human body. Hence, the human body requires this micronutrient at each phase of the life. Our body cannot produce this micro-nutrient. Therefore, it is very important to get this crucial nutrient with the diet. Deficiency of this nutrient leads to the problem of the enlargement of thyroid gland.

The symptoms of the iodine deficiency include fatigue or lethargy, dry skin, memory problems, cold feet and hands, recurrent infections, thinning hair, depression, constipation, joint stiffness and muscle weakness etc. The problem of iodine deficiency can be reduced with the help of some amazing foods.

Here, We Are Providing Some Amazing Iodine Rich Foods:

1. Cow’s Milk:

Cow’s milk is an excellent source of iodine [1]. Hence, consumption of a glass of milk on the regular basis greatly combats against the problem of iodine deficiency. In addition to this, cow’s milk holds the traces such as sodium, silicon, zinc, and manganese, etc. These traces are highly essential for the human body.

Cow’s Milk

2. Boiled Eggs:

Iodine is present in boiled eggs also [2]. The regular ingestion of 1 large egg offers 12 micrograms of iodine to your body. By eating the boiled eggs every day, you can keep the symptoms of the iodine deficiency at bay. Therefore, prefer to have the boiled eggs as part of your regular diet. Boiled eggs are also effective in making your eyes healthy.

Boiled Eggs

3. Baked Organic Potato:

Baked organic potato is another amazing food with the naturally occurring iodine [3]. 1 medium baked and organic potato with skin consists of 60 micrograms of iodine. Similarly, calories are low in the organic potatoes. It consists of more amount of potassium than the bananas. Organic potatoes are cholesterol and fat free. Hence, it is recommended to consume baked organic potatoes to lead a healthy life.

Baked Organic Potato

4. Plain Yogurt:

Plain yogurt has gained a lot of significance for its rich contents of protein and calcium [4]. Due to these properties, this incredible dairy product is commonly included as part of the daily diet. But, this amazing dairy product is also rich in iodine. One cupful of plain yogurt contains 154 micrograms of the iodine. Hence, including plain yogurt in the diet can be the wonderful option for those people who are looking to enhance the iodine.

Plain Yogurt

5. Banana:

Almost all of us are aware of the fact that consumption of banana offers the instant energy [5]. Due to this reason, banana is highly regarded as the healthy fruit. But, most of the people do not know that this excellent fruit consists of iodine also. One medium banana consists of three micrograms of the iodine.


6. Cranberries:

Cranberries are also loaded with iodine [6]. Four ounces of cranberries contains four hundred micrograms of the iodine. Cranberries provide a lot of health benefits. Cranberries are very helpful in offering you respite from urinary tract infections. Intake of the cranberries benefits your dental health as well.


7. Green Beans:

Green beans are another food with the naturally occurring iodine [7]. The half cup of green beans contains three micrograms of iodine. Wonderful antioxidants in green beans work wonder in boosting your immune system. They regulate the digestive process. This amazing vegetable keeps your bones strong and healthy.

Green Beans

8. Strawberries:

Strawberries are one of the well-known berry fruits in the world [8]. These amazing fruits are also packed with the iodine. Strawberries are the amazing fruits with excellent anti-cancer effects as well. One study revealed that, intake of strawberries diminished the risk of development of cancer. Unique flavonoid content in these fruits makes them the valuable defender against the heart disease, cancer and inflammation.