8 Amazing Tips For Combating Against Mold Allergies


Mold, a fungus is found indoors, outdoors, and in so many places. Hence, if you are allergic to the mold, then you should limit your exposure. The symptoms of the mold allergy are the stuffy or a runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat, itchy nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, cough, and scaly or dry skin etc. These symptoms are quite miserable. Depending on the severity, symptoms get varied from one person to another person. But, if these symptoms persist for long, then you should consult your doctor immediately. The response of the overly sensitive immune system is the main cause of the mold allergy. You can easily get rid of mold allergy by following certain tips.

Here Are The 8 Amazing Tips For Combating Against Mold Allergies:

1. Take Bath

We already discussed that mold is found in so many places. Hence, after visiting those places and back to your home, you should take bath. Taking bath or shower helps in eliminating the fungus from the skin. Thus, it keeps mold allergy at bay. Hence, whenever you visit those places that are infested with mold, give utmost preference for taking a shower after reaching home.[1]


2. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil, an essential oil is very effective in bringing some relief from mold allergy. In fact, this amazing oil is highly known to be beneficial in keeping the symptoms of mold allergy at bay. Take a bowl of hot water and add one drop of this oil. Do a simple eucalyptus steam inhalation. Close your eyes and breathe the eucalyptus steam for some time. This powerful steam opens up your respiratory passages quickly.[2]


3. Dust Mask

The presence of the mold is higher in particular businesses and stores such as flower shops, antique shops, construction sites, farms, and greenhouses etc. Hence, whenever you plan to visit these places you should carry a dust mask or the allergy medication with you to keep the mold allergy at bay.[3]


4. Wear Gloves

You can also get affected by mold allergy by touching the mold contaminated items. Hence, avoid touching those items which are contaminated with mold with the bare hands. Clean the mold contaminated items with the strong cleaning solution or the chlorine bleach. But, do not forget wearing gloves made of nitrile, neoprene, PVC or polyurethane when cleaning those items.[4]


5. Close Windows

Keep the windows closed to avoid the outside mold entering your home. Close the windows during nighttimes. Prefer to stay home in the cold climatic conditions. Do not go outside after immediately a rainstorm in damp and foggy weather. Do not go to those places when there is high mold count.[5]


6. Use Air Conditioner And Dehumidifier

Prefer to install air conditioning with a HEPA filter attachment. The HEPA filter attachment traps the mold spores from outside air. Thus, it prevents the circulation of the mold in your home. You should also make use of dehumidifier in those areas which smell damp or musty. You have to maintain the levels of humidity below 50%. You should also clean the condensation coils and collection bucket on a regular basis.[6]


7. Keep Home Clean

Maintain proper hygiene in your home. Special attention must be paid to the shower curtains and tiles. Clean tubs and sinks frequently. Or else, do this for at least one month. The condensation on the walls, pipes or windows should be cleaned immediately. Mold easily grows on the carpet and it is very difficult to remove. Hence, remove carpets in your home.[7]


8. Ventilation Fan During A Shower

See that your bathroom is well ventilated. Whenever you are taking bath, see that the ventilation fan is running. Or else, run the ventilation fan after taking bath or shower. Ventilation fan helps in drying the bathroom. If bathroom remains damp for longer period of time, it leads to the growth of the mold. Running ventilation fan during the shower or bath prevents this problem.[8]