8 Best Dietary Sources of Hydrogen

8 Best Dietary Sources of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the radiator of the physical machine. This cooling element is very effective in keeping fevers at bay. It acts as the vehicle of the blood. And hydrogen makes possible perspiration, salivation, procreation, circulation and elimination. Poor hydrogen content in the body leads to dizziness, unbalanced walk, and eczema. On the other hand, extreme hydrogen levels in the body can result in bloat and stoutness. Our body contains about fifteen pounds of the hydrogen. Our body gets this element through the skin in bathing, through the air we breathe. Similarly, it also gets this element from the foods.

Moderate Consumption Of Hydrogen-rich Foods Is Highly Recommended For Keeping The Deficiency Of Hydrogen At Bay:

1. Tomatoes:

It is already known that tomatoes are packed with three vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E [1]. These vitamins are highly beneficial and required to our body. But, the tomato is also loaded with hydrogen. Include tomato in your diet chart so as to enjoy its health benefits. Consume tomato so as to reduce the risk of hydrogen deficiency.


2. Avocado:

This pear shaped fruit also consists of hydrogen. Prefer consuming avocado on the daily basis to keep the unbalanced walk, dizziness and eczema at bay [2]. This wonderful fruit is very effective in lowering cholesterol, controlling blood pressure, and regulating the blood sugar levels as well. To enjoy all these benefits, you are recommended to consume avocado daily.


3. Bananas:

We all know that banana work wonders in giving you relief from constipation by regulating the bowel system [3]. Because of this reason, many people prefer having it on the daily basis. But another wonderful reason for having this fruit on the daily basis is its hydrogen content. By eating bananas daily, you can reduce the symptoms of the hydrogen deficiency.


4. Dates:

Dates became famous for its amazing healing powers [4]. They are also loaded with hydrogen content. Prefer consuming dates for weekly once or twice for obtaining the hydrogen. Besides reducing the risk of hydrogen deficiency, this fantastic food also works wonders in improving your bone health, strengthening the nervous system, promoting digestion, and assisting in the weight gain etc.


5. Beetroot:

Beetroots are another dietary source of hydrogen [5]. Hydrogen in beetroots works miracles in promoting the proper blood circulation. By properly circulating blood to different parts of the body, beetroots work wonder in reducing the problems such as dementia. This wonderful food is also highly helpful for the health of the eyes as well. Hence, if possible try to consume beetroot juice one time per day.


6. Potatoes:

Another amazing food that is packed with hydrogen is potato [6]. Prefer eating potatoes for at least three or four times a week. The consumption of potatoes not only reduces the risk of hydrogen deficiency but also maintains the blood pressure, and improves your digestive system etc. The consumption of potato not only good for your health but also works wonders in beautifying your skin and hair.


7. Asparagus:

You can obtain hydrogen by eating asparagus as well. Asparagus is also loaded with hydrogen [7]. This vegetable also consists of protein and fiber which work miracles in promoting the healthy digestive system. Protein and fiber are also very helpful for the better functioning of the immune system.


8. Strawberries:

Add higher amounts of strawberries to your diet in order to manage the hydrogen deficiency [8]. Because of presence of hydrogen, these delicious berries offer you wide variety of health benefits. The health benefits of strawberries include fighting with the bad cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, aiding in weight management etc.