8 Easy Home Remedies For Hiccup

Hiccup is a problem that occurs at the time of eating or drinking too quickly. This is occurred when there is a spasm in the diaphragm due to which the person breathes in quickly and then the vocal chords are closed and a sound which is called hiccup sound is produced and this sound is the initial symptoms for the problem. The patient might feel some other symptoms like tightening of chest and throat. Usually the problem lasts only for few minutes but in some cases it could last up to hours. The common causes for the problem are overconsumption of carbonated drinks, consumption of spicy foods, alcohol, smoking, stress etc. Not only this, digestive problems and kidney problems can also trigger the problem of hiccup. The problem can cause damage and irritation to the respiratory system and the central nervous system of the body.

Here Are The Useful Home Remedies That Can Be Used To Relieve The Problem Of Hiccup Completely

1. Cold Water

Cold water can be used to get immediate relief from the problem of hiccup. Cold water distracts your brain and you get complete relief from the problem quickly. Therefore it is advised to go and grab a glass of cold water and drink it for treating the problem.[2]

cold water

2. Sugar

You can also use sugar to treat the hiccup problem. Sugar helps in reducing the symptoms very effectively. All you need is to put some sugar in your mouth for few seconds and then consume a glass of water over it to get rid of the problem.[2]


3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the hiccup problem that is caused due to digestive problems. Not only this, apple cider vinegar is a very great remedy for hiccups because its taste keeps you distracted to provide complete relief. Mix some apple cider vinegar in water and consume it slowly to get the benefits.[3]

Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is also a quick remedy for treating the problem of hiccup. The consumption of peanut butter tends to disturb the breathing patterns that caused the hiccup problem and therefore you get relief from prolonged hiccup problem. It is therefore advisable to put some peanut butter in mouth for few seconds and then swallow it to complete the process.[4]

Peanut Butter

5. Lemon Juice

The sour and acid nature of lemon juice is very effective in providing relief from the problem of hiccup. On consumption of lemon juice you get relief from the irritated breathing patterns and it is therefore advisable to consume lemon juice mixed with water slowly to get the benefits.[5]

 Lemon Juice

6. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is rich in anti inflammatory nature and this nature helps in getting relief from the inflammation and the irritation faced by the diaphragm and as a result it provides effective relief from the problem of hiccups. It is therefore advisable to consume chamomile tea to get rid of the problem of prolonged hiccup.[6]

 Chamomile Tea

7. Cardamom

Cardamom also helps in relaxing the diaphragm and reduces the problem very effectively. You can therefore consume a cup of cardamom tea or you can just chew some pieces of cardamom to get the benefits.[7]


8. Baking Soda

Baking soda also relieves the irritation in the diaphragm and prevents the digestive problems that could cause hiccup. Therefore you should mix some baking soda in water and then consume this mixture slowly to get rid of the problem. You can also repeat the remedy to get complete relief.[8]

 Baking Soda