8 Effective Diet Remedies For Stomach Ulcer Or Peptic Ulcer

Sores that are exposed can be technically referred to as ulcers. Peptic ulcer or stomach ulcer is one kind of ulcer where a hole is formed in the stomach lining. Stomach ulcers or peptic ulcers create a great discomfort and considerable pain. In some cases, internal bleeding also happens. Peptic ulcer has to be treated on time with proper diagnosis. Any delay may lead to further complications which cannot be reversed. Fortunately, you can manage the problem with the help of few diet remedies and other remedies. This article is all about the diet remedies for peptic ulcer.

Here Are 8 Effective Diet Remedies For Stomach Ulcer Or Peptic Ulcer:

1. Banana

Bananas are known to be beneficial in handling stomach ulcers. Especially, green bananas are very potential in handling this issue with ease. Bananas are highly potential to fight with the infection within stomach line and helps in repairing stomach lining. [1]Consuming at least one banana on daily basis helps to soothe stomach ulcer.


2. Ginger

Ginger is the storehouse of therapeutic properties. Its usage dates back to many centuries for handling various kinds of health problems. [2]Therapeutic properties of ginger are highly effective in handling stomach ulcer. All you have to do is to add honey with a ginger powder or grated ginger. Consuming one spoonful of this solution on every morning gives relief from annoying symptoms of stomach ulcer.


3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best solutions for handling the issue of stomach ulcer. Prefer to consume olive oil thirty minutes before taking a meal. Follow this process on regular basis. [3]This remedy helps in suppressing the accumulation of fatty acids in blood vessels of stomach lining. Thus, development of ulcer can be restricted to a greater extent.

olive oil

4. Honey

Honey is the best source of natural therapeutic properties. Take some amount of warm water and add two spoons of honey into the water. [4]This solution helps in giving you a great relief from peptic ulcer. But, for getting best results, you need to follow the process on daily basis.


5. Nutmeg

You can get rid of annoying stomach ulcer with the help of nutmeg. All you have to do is to roast a nutmeg slice in oven and have them along with ghee.[5]This process helps in handling the stomach upset problem that is often associated with stomach ulcer.


6. Coconut

Stomach ulcer can be handled by just consuming few slices of a fresh coconut. This amazing ingredient is loaded with full of healing properties that act best for fighting against any kind of ulcers. [6]Prefer to consume coconut slices on regular basis for noticing best results.


7. Avoid Spicy Food

If you are suffering from stomach ulcer, following some remedies alone doesn’t serve the purpose. You must also avoid certain food for getting relaxation from stomach ulcer. [7]Especially, you need to stay away from spicy food. This helps to fix the problem very soon.

Avoid Spicy Food

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera if taken in the form of juice works as a great healing tonic that helps you to recover from stomach ulcer. This amazing juice helps in the inhibition of acid production and thus fastens the process of healing.[8]

aloe vera

9. Cayenne Pepper

This is amazing ingredient that is very beneficial in healing stomach ulcer. Cayenne pepper is loaded with the ability of rebuilding cells and tissues and thereby helps in healing both internal and external wounds.[9]It helps in handling the problem of stomach upset which is most commonly associated with peptic or stomach ulcer.

Cayenne pepper

10. Garlic

Garlic is one of the amazing ingredients that are highly beneficial in handling stomach ulcer. It is due to the ability of garlic to diminish bacterium connected with the development of stomach ulcer.[10]Chewing one to two garlic cloves on daily basis helps to soothe the problem.


11. Fenugreek Seeds

Anti-ulcer properties of fenugreek seeds are highly useful in offering you relaxation from stomach ulcer. Make a tea with fenugreek seeds and consume it when the symptoms of stomach ulcer are severely bothering you.[11]This tea cleanses and protects your stomach from ulcer.

fengureek seed

12. Turmeric

Turmeric is rich in therapeutic properties. It combats effectively with the symptoms of stomach ulcer. Therefore, this amazing ingredient has been in use since ancient times. [12]You can add turmeric in your cooking. This is one of the simplest methods for gaining relief from stomach ulcer.