8 Excellent Dietary Sources of Silicon

8 Excellent Dietary Sources of Silicon

Silicon is one of the necessary elements required for the human body. It acts as a great disease fighter and hair grower. It is packed with full of antiseptic properties. These properties are highly effective in keeping various health issues such as ulcers, cancer, tuberculosis, and tumors at bay. Poor silicon results in poor eyesight and hair loss. Depression is also one of the symptoms of silicon deficiency.

Lack of silicon makes you open for the infections as well. Although only an ounce and half of silicon is found in the body, it acts as a necessary and powerful element. Silicon is very effective in adding luster to hair, teeth, nails, and skin. You are required to consume plenty of silicon rich foods in order to keep the silicon deficiency at bay.

Here, In This Article, Let Us Discuss Some Amazing Dietary Sources Of Silicon:

1. Beets:

Beets are the wonderful source of silicon [1]. It is due to the presence of silicon, beetroots gained the ability to make your hair and nails shine. Beetroots add pinkish radiance to your skin as well. Therefore, it is suggested to consume beetroot juice on the regular basis for enjoying the attractive appearance. Alternatively, you can add beetroots to your daily diet for reaping its benefits.


2. Cherries:

These delicious red fruits are packed with silicon [2]. With the help of silicon, cherries are highly known to be beneficial in protecting you from various diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, tumors, and ulcers etc. Prefer consuming cherries on the daily basis for enjoying these benefits. Besides providing sufficient silicon content to your body, cherries also work wonder in promoting better sleep, reducing the aging signs, and diminishing the muscle pains etc.


3. Water Melon:

Another amazing dietary source of silicon is watermelon [3]. Because of the rich silicon content, this amazing refreshing fruit is fully capable of reducing the risk of cancer. Silicon in watermelon is very good for hair and skin. It improves your digestion as well. The consumption of watermelon makes you feel full also.

 Water Melon

4. Strawberries:

These red fruits are also packed with silicon [4]. Due to the presence of silicon, strawberries offer you wide range of health benefits. The consumption of strawberries on the daily basis improves your eyesight. It also adds shine to your teeth. Besides offering you these health benefits, the intake of strawberries improves your immune system as well. You can easily get rid of premature aging signs with the help of consumption of strawberries.


5. Radish:

The symptoms of lack of silicon can be easily reduced by consuming radish on the daily basis [5]. Radish is loaded with silicon content. With this mineral radish works wonder in restoring the natural glow to your skin. It strengthens your bone. It keeps brittle nails at bay. It is recommended to add this wonderful vegetable to your regular diet.


6. Apricots:

Apricots are not only loaded with vitamin A, fiber and antioxidants, but also rich in silicon [6]. Because of the presence of the silicon this amazing fruit is considered as the healthy fruit. Silicon in this amazing fruit works wonders in assisting the calcium for the maintenance and growth of bones and joints.


7. Horseradish:

Silicon is present in this root vegetable as well [7]. This amazing root vegetable is highly effective in making your joints flexible and strong. Silicon in horseradish makes your skin radiant. Horseradish also lowers the risk of cancer.


8. Asparagus:

Asparagus is also loaded with silicon. Include asparagus in your daily diet to combat against the silicon deficiency [8]. Due to the silicon content, asparagus gained the anti-tumor effects. The high intake of asparagus also results in reducing the symptoms of rheumatism.