8 Most Effective Dry Skin Care Tips For Babies

8 Most Effective Dry Skin Care Tips For Babies

Dry skin is a common skin related problem that can make anyone its victim. Many times, small babies too became sufferer of dry skin problem and nowadays their numbers are much higher than even adults. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to take good skin care of your small baby so that your child may not become a sufferer of any dry skin complication.

Following Are Some Special Effective Dry Skin Care Tips For Babies That Will Definitely Keep Your Child Skin Healthy:

1. Don’t Allow Longtime Crawling:-

Crawling for too much time on a cold floor generally affects skin of a baby. Therefore, you must allow him to crawl for a limited time period so that his skin remain supple and soft.

Don’t Allow Longtime Crawling

2. Apply Oil Before Bath:-

Chemicals present in baby soaps are also harmful for baby’s skin and it can lead to dry skin problem. To protect your baby against such harmful effects of baby soap, you must apply oil to your baby skin before placing him or her in a bath tub. Early oiling of baby’s skin combats against effects of chemicals contained in soap.

Apply Oil Before Bath

3. Reduce Bath Timing:-

Reducing the bath timing of a child is greatly helpful in removing dry skin issue. It is a fact that small babies loves to have bath for a long time but such long bathing makes the skin dry by taking away the natural oils from skin. Therefore, if your baby takes a bath for half an hour, you must reduce it by 1/3rd and allow him to bath for only 10 minutes.

Reduce Bath Timing

4. Avoid Soap Bubble Bath:-

Bubble baths are too much enjoyable for small babies but you need to ensure that your baby must given only normal water for such baths. If your baby is seated on a tub full of soapy water then it can make your baby skin both dry and dull. Therefore, you must introduce soap in your baby bath tub only after completion of his splashing in the water.

Avoid Soap Bubble Bath

5. Use Soap Free Cleanser:-

For the better skin of your child, it is always advisable to use soap free cleasner or a fragrance free cleanser instead of using soap for removing dryness factor from your baby skin. It is because soap contains some harsh chemicals which can harm your baby skin. Also, you must use lukewarm water for his bathing instead of using hot water in winter season as hot water too makes babies body prone to dry skin issue.

Use Soap Free Cleanser

6. Don’t Apply Emollient:-

If you apply emollient to your baby’s body during bath then it may also promote dry skin problem to your baby’s health because of its slippery and greasy nature. You must avoid application of emollient during bath time and if you still want to apply it then apply in there when your baby is place safely in a cot.

Don’t Apply Emollient

7. Use Moisturizer:-

To protect your baby skin against dryness factor, you must apply a good moisturizer immediately after taking your child out from water so as to offer good hydration to your baby’s skin. Water containing chlorine is not good for baby’s skin but use of moisturizer immediately reduces risk of dry skin problem on your baby’s skin thereby sealing the water already present on your baby skin.

Use Moisturizer

8. Use Gloves And Mittens:-

If your baby’s skin gets easily chapped then you must cover his or her hand with gloves or mitten as it will protect hand of your baby from dryness and will also keep it warm after bathing. If air in your room is dry then you must also place a humidifier in your room as it will keep your skin healthy by adding moisture to it.

Use Gloves And Mittens