8 Natural Ways To Handle Itchy Pimples

Pimples which look ugly can be itchy too. Although it is a common skin condition, many people cannot tolerate their appearance as they damage the glamour. Excess oil in the skin, hormonal changes, poor dietary choices are some of the main causes of pimples. Pimples can generally occur on face, shoulders, neck and back. Lot of people wanted to get rid of this skin condition and therefore prefer for expensive treatments. But these expensive treatments can result in various side effects too. Similarly, various medicines and lotions that promise you on the same can take so much of time to offer you fruitful results. To reap the benefits faster, it is better to make use of some powerful natural ways. This article helps you in this regard as we are providing 8 natural ways that keep your itchy pimples at bay.

Here Are 8 Natural Ways To Handle Itchy Pimples:

1. Sandalwood With Rose Water

Antibacterial properties of sandalwood powder work fantastically in combating with itchy pimples. Rosewater is also loaded with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help in fading of pimples. To obtain the benefits of this fantastic remedy, just take one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and mix it with one teaspoon of Rose water. Mix them well and apply on the pimples affected area. [1]Let the pack dry for 20 minutes. Then wash off using normal water.

Sandalwood with rose water

2. Curry Leaves Paste

Curry leaves are blessed with vitamins C and A. Also they are loaded with anti-microbial properties which work wonderfully for your healthy skin. To get rid of itchy pimples, finely mash these leaves and apply on your itchy pimples before going to bed. Let the paste sit on your skin for the whole night. [2]Wash this paste with the help of tepid water in the morning. This paste is very helpful in fading wrinkles as well.

Curry Leaves Paste

3. Coriander Juice And Turmeric Powder

Coriander juice repairs the skin effectively. Turmeric when applied kills the bacteria from the skin that causes itchy pimples. Firstly take 1 teaspoon of fresh coriander powder or juice and mix it with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix these ingredients well and apply on your pimples. [3]Wash your skin after 15 minutes. Follow this process on daily basis.

Coriander Juice and Turmeric Powder

4. Turmeric, Lime And Honey

Lime juice acts as an exfoliating agent with its anti-bacterial properties. You can get amazing results when you combine lime juice with turmeric and honey. Just take a container and mix all these three ingredients. Blend them and apply to your skin. [4]Rinse it off after 15 minutes using tepid water. Wipe your skin using a cotton ball and pat dry with towel. Follow this process three times a week.

Turmeric, Lime and Honey

5. Honey And Cinnamon

To avoid worsening of itchy pimples, the face pack made up of honey and cinnamon comes to your rescue. This face pack is highly effective in preventing your skin from drying. Add 3 teaspoons of honey and mix it with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in a small container. [5]Apply this paste on your pimples before your bed time. Wash your skin on the following morning. Follow this process for two weeks.

Honey and Cinnamon

6. Cucumber Juice And Aloe Vera

Cucumber and aloe vera are rich in skin friendly properties. [6]The combination of cucumber juice and aloe vera gel is very good for dealing with your itchy pimples. Apply this lotion before your bed time on a daily basis for few weeks. You can also apply this lotion in the mornings as well.

Cucumber Juice and Aloe vera

7. Eliminate Spicy, Fried And Citrus Foods

Consumption of fried, spicy and citrus foods also leads to the occurrence of itchy pimples. The natural solution for gaining relief from these itchy pimples is through eliminating these foods. [7]Similarly you should include oatmeal, brown grain, basmati rice and applesauce in your diet. These foods are very effective in keeping pimples at bay.

Eliminate Spicy, fried and citrus foods

8. Cumin, Fennel Seeds And Coriander Tea

Tea that includes cumin, fennel seeds and coriander works wonder for your itchy pimples. All these ingredients are rich in skin-nourishing properties and thus these ingredients are very well effective in relieving you from itchiness. Consume this therapeutic tea thrice a day after your meals.[8]

Cumin, Fennel Seeds and Coriander Tea