8 Warning Signs Of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is the most important mineral that helps in processing carbohydrates, fat and other nutrients in our body. One must have proper amount of zinc in body to fight with wounds and to make them heal quickly; Zinc also plays a major role in cell division and overall growth of human body. It will make your taste buds and smell senses work properly. Zinc deficiency can be a result of poor diet, kidney and liver diseases, High consumption of alcohol and iron. Mostly it is measured among vegetarians and vegan and pregnant women as the main source of zinc is from animals, Thus it is very important to catch the warnings and fight with it! Here are some signs of zinc deficiency which if you have; you must increase your zinc supply!

1. Slow Wound Healing:

Zinc is an awesome element which can help in healing the wounds and also repair various cells. The person who is suffering from zinc deficiency, suffers from low wound recovery. Zinc is an essential mineral which repairs the cells, helps in cell division and also clots the blood. If you are suffering from zinc deficiency, your bodies would healing capability would get significantly reduced! Thus, low zinc consumption would simply cause such issues!

Slow Wound Healing

2. Diarrhea And Stomach Issues:

When a person suffers from zinc deficiency, diarrhea or stomach issues occur. This can also be caused due to low immunity which can lead to diarrhea. Also issues like lack of appetite and stomach problems even may occur due to zinc deficiency!

Diarrhea And Stomach Issues

3. Skin Problems:

Skin is the organ in our body which gets nourished when we consume lot of minerals. The skin requires all the minerals in enough amounts for nourishing and to keep hydrated. If you are suffering from zinc deficiency, your skin is the first organ which will show issues! Patchy skin, pigmentation, dullness etc are the signs which you can identify on your skin! People suffer from rashes, acne, pimples and such skin issues due to zinc deficiency!

Skin Problems

4. Stress And Depression:

Zinc also helps in the functioning of your brain and thus, keeps it healthy. If you are suffering from zinc deficiency, your brain will stop functioning normally and can cause issues like stress, depression, mood swings etc. the ere are various issues like depression,, low confidence, emotional issues and such problems related to the brain which can occur due to zinc deficiency! Thus, if you are suffering from zinc deficiency, you are at a risk of such tough mental and emotional issues!


5. Hair Loss:

This is the highly witnessed issue in the people who suffer from zinc deficiency! Hair loss is a condition which is generally caused due to extreme dandruff. Zinc promotes cell growth and thus, the cells in your scalp would also not grow if you are suffering from zinc deficiency! The lack of proper cell growth will lead to hair loss and will also thin your hair as you scalp is not getting enough nourishment! Thus, low hair growth; hair thinning and hair loss is due to zinc deficiency which you must consider!

Hair Loss

6. Low Immunity:

All the minerals in our body help in making our immunity strong and if you are suffering from zinc deficiency, the immune system will not function as desired. We all know that the immune system gets boosted up due to cell growth and cell development which is promoted by zinc. If the new cells are not produced and the cell division does not take place properly, your immune system will simply get weak and low! The ability to kill the germs, bacteria, disease cells would lower down which can cause major issues!

Low Immunity

7. Joint Pain:

People suffering from zinc deficiency can complaint about a lot of pain and tightness in the joints and knees. The bones are made up of a huge content of zinc and thus, the deficiency of zinc will cause pain and inflammation in the joints. Thus, if you are suffering from low zinc supply, the bones will get affected and this can result into extreme joint pain and inflammation!

Joint Pain

8. Mood Swings:

This is a common effect of low zinc supply in the body. Your brain also needs zinc supply to boost up and to function properly. Due to zinc deficiency, your brain and some neurological functions will not function properly which can cause mood swings and dislike towards every situation! Zinc deficiency can cause tiredness, dullness, hair loss, bone issues and a set of problems which can all together cause mood swings and extreme feeling of depression!

Mood Swings