9 Amazing Benefits Of Bay Essential Oil

Bay Tree is one of the well known tress in the Caribbean region as it’s actually native to the place but it’s also well grown in some other parts of the country and this is tree is well known to possess some stunning medicinal benefits and it even has a lot of importance when the cultural aspects of the various places are actually concerned. The leaf of a bay tree is actually bitter in taste which makes it absolutely impossible for consuming it in the raw condition.

However at certain instants, these leaves are well known to flavor many of the dishes of various cuisines and the varieties which include these leaves are actually found to be a lot healthy than the other ones. The leaves of this bay tree are well known to possess some amazing medicinal properties and also these leaves are famed to be used in the preparation of bay leaf essential oil or simply bay oil and this oil has some remarkable applications in promoting the health of an individual and in this regard, this article features some of the amazing health benefits of this bay leaf essential oil that’ll make many of the readers to include this oil in the regular diet on the whole.

1. Aids In Digestion:

Nowadays, there are actually certain digestive problems that are probably well known in creating various troublesome instants and also health problems at times. However, if these digestive problems are actually regular, there’s a lot of need for the person suffering from such digestive problems to tackle them with some potent natural remedies and this is all due to the fact that at times, the synthetic remedies might possess many of the side effects and apart from handling the extent of spreading the problem, they actually give rise to some of the other health issues.

Hence it would always be recommended for a person to use a natural remedy that can handle the purpose a lot better with minimum side effects. Bay essential oil can be considered as one among the best available essential oils that can handle this case in a lot efficient way as it has some wide range of enzymes that are highly sufficient to breakdown many of the complex proteins that the human body failed to digest. Also this can keep many of the digestion problems such as indigestion, flatulence etc in check and therefore it is highly recommended for a person suffering from digestive problems to include this essential oil in the regular diet of a person and consume a few tablespoons of this oil after every meal for some better handling of the digestion problems.[1]

Aids In Digestion

2. Diabetes:

One of the fast growing disease nowadays and when a person acquires this disease, life wouldn’t be just the same like the usual times. One must get to change a lot of food habits and also indulge in taking proper diet everyday. The most important thing about diabetes is to keep the sugar levels in the blood in control as increase in the levels of diabetes might give birth to many of the health issues that can even be fatal at times.

Hence it is highly recommended for all the people suffering from diabetes to opt for a suitable natural remedy to keep the sugar levels in control and bay essential oil can be considered as one of the best natural remedies that can handle the purpose in a highly efficient way and this is all because of the antioxidants present in the bay essential oil that is responsible for the production of more insulin levels to control the blood glucose levels. Hence, all the persons suffering from diabetes can intake few tablespoons of this essential oil daily to experience some healthy benefits on the whole.[2]


3. Cardiovascular Benefits:

One of the most sensitive organs in the human body is indeed heart and there’s a lot of necessity for a person to maintain the heart in a healthy condition and this has to be done to set himself free from many of the fatal diseases such as heart attacks etc. Bay essential oil can be considered as a worthy natural remedy that can handle this case quite well and this is all because of the compounds such as rutin and some of the other phytonutrients that promotes the health of the heart on a large scale and also reduces the extent of certain cardiovascular diseases. Therefore consumption of bay essential oil daily can be a perfect option for keeping the heart problems in check.[3]

Cardiovascular Benefits

4. Deals With Sleep Problems:

One mustn’t forget that bay essential oil can be regarded as one of the best natural sedatives and it deals with various mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress etc. Also at times, this essential oil can thrash out many of the sleep problems associated with a person and further induce sound sleep conditions all in all.[4]

Deals With Sleep Problems

5. Hair Benefits:

Bay leaf essential oil and also bay leaf tea can be considered as one of the suitable natural remedies that can tackle the problems of dandruff and hair loss quite well and also induce some better hair growth in a person. Many of the reports have also suggested that bay essential oil can be highly effective against the cases of dealing with head lice.[5]

Hair Benefits

6. Pain Relief:

Bay leaf essential oil is known to possess many of the anti inflammatory properties that can aid a lot in reducing the pain of an individual.[6]

 Pain Relief

7. Reduces Common Cold:

Bay leaf essential also has a tendency to act against the common cold, cough and some mild fever conditions.[7]

Reduces Common Cold

8. Reduces Cancer:

There are indeed certain chemical compounds in the bay leaf essential oil that are probably well known to act against the cases of various types of cancer and also reduce the extent of the the spread of cancer.[8]

 Reduces Cancer

9. Lashes Out Insects:

Bay oil can also be used a s an insect repellent at many cases and this is all due to the high amounts of lauric acid present in it.[9]

Lashes Out Insects