9 Amazing Dietary Sources Of Phosphorous

Dietary Sources Of Phosphorous

Phosphorus is an important mineral which plays a pivotal role in several functions in different parts of the body. Adults contain about four hundred to seven hundred mgs of phosphorous. Eighty percent of it is deposited in the teeth and bones as calcium phosphate. The rest of the mineral is located as sodium phosphate and potassium phosphate in the blood fluids and cells. The deficiency of phosphorous is observed very rarely. This is because phosphorus is present in almost all of the foods that we include in our regular diet. Hence, very rarely phosphorous deficiency can be noted. However, alcoholics, vegetarians, elderly people and premature infants can get affected with phosphorous deficiency. If you are suffering from the phosphorous deficiency, read this article for getting to know the phosphorous rich foods.

1. Radish:

You can obtain the abundant amount of phosphorous by consuming radish. Radish is an excellent source of phosphorous.[1] By increasing the intake of radish, you can keep the phosphorous deficiency at bay. Therefore, you are suggested to include this amazing vegetable in your diet chart.

2. Kale:

Kale is another vegetable which offers you ample amounts of phosphorous.[2] Phosphorous in kale acts as a great nerve and brain food. Anemia and mental weakness are the symptoms of the lack of phosphorous. These symptoms can be easily kept at bay by enhancing the intake of kale.


3. Cucumbers:

Phosphorous is one of the key nutrients of the cucumber.[3] Because of this nutrient, this wonderful vegetable provides protection to the human body in the number of ways. Phosphorous is very necessary to other elements for the creation of red blood, brain, and bone. Moderate consumption of cucumber plays an important role in keeping your healthy.


4. Grapes:

Grapes are the wonderful fruits with a large amount of phosphorous.[4] Due to the presence of this mineral, grapes act as a great builder of red blood cells. Consume grapes for two or three times a week. Grapes are highly beneficial in boosting your immune system. They enhance your mood as well.

5. Watermelon:

Another fruit that contains higher amounts of phosphorous is watermelon. Phosphorous in watermelon offers us the power to put things over.[5] Prefer to consume watermelon frequently. Moderate consumption of watermelon also works wonder in keeping you hydrated, reducing muscle soreness, and keeping your digestive tract healthy etc. It also provides many hair and skin benefits.


6. Orange:

Most of us like consuming the delicious oranges which work wonder in strengthening the body. This amazing citrus fruit is also packed with phosphorous.[6] Phosphorous in oranges can make your mentally strong. It also reduces the trouble of anemia. Consume oranges for two or three times a week to reduce the problem of phosphorous deficiency. Alternatively, consume orange juice frequently.


7. Pears:

Pears also contain the huge amount of phosphorous.[7] The intake of pear is very helpful in keeping your overall body healthy. Because of the rich phosphorous content, pears help in increasing the energy levels. They also boost your immune system.


8. Cauliflower:

Cauliflower, which belongs to the cruciferous family, is also loaded with phosphorus.[8] Because of the phosphorous, this white flowering vegetable is highly known to offer many health benefits. The consumption of cauliflower is very effective in supporting the liver’s capability in neutralizing toxins. Being rich in fiber, it also lowers cholesterol levels in the body. Antioxidants in cauliflower promote the healthy immune system.


9. Apple:

Apple is an amazing fruit with the abundant amount of phosphorous.[9] Consume apple juice on the daily basis. Alternatively, you can eat apples. Apples are highly known to be beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes. They also work effectively in alleviating the cholesterol levels in the body.