9 Amazing Selenium Rich Foods

9 Amazing Selenium Rich Foods-1

Selenium, a mineral is loaded with powerful antioxidant properties. It appears in some foods and water naturally. This excellent mineral plays an important role in metabolism. Thus, there are amazing health benefits with the intake of adequate selenium. Various chronic conditions and cancer will be well controlled by selenium. Crohn’s disease and HIV are associated with low levels of selenium. Hence, doctors suggest taking selenium supplements for managing these conditions. There are amazing foods by which you can get selenium naturally. Here, we will share such amazing selenium rich foods.

Here Are The 9 Amazing Selenium Rich Foods:

1. Brazil Nuts

Many studies suggest that Brazil nuts are the richest sources of natural dietary selenium. The selenium in Brazil nuts is approximately 2500 times as much selenium as any of the other nuts. All you have to do is to enjoy consuming 1 to 2 Brazil nuts every day. Selenium in Brazil nuts is very effective in improving your mood and thus prevents depression.[1]

Brazil Nuts

2. Rice

Another amazing dietary source of selenium is rice. Rice is considered as one of the world’s healthier foods. Since rice is packed with selenium, it effectively diminishes the risk of developing common illnesses like arthritis, heart disease and cancer.[2]


3. Sea Food

It is a known fact that seafood provides essential nutrients to our body. One of those nutrients that are offered by the seafood to our body is selenium. Seafood is also a major source of selenium. It consists of approximately 30% of the natural dietary selenium. Hence, consumption of selenium is highly known to be beneficial in promoting the healthy heart and improving eye sight etc. Hence, it is recommended to eat seafood for three times a week.[3]

Sea Food

4. Garlic

Garlic is known for its amazing medicinal properties. The compounds in garlic are known for its cancer preventive activities as well. It is also rich in selenium. Therefore, prefer including garlic in your regular diet to keep the development of the various severe health problems at bay.[4]


5. Onions

Selenium and various other nutrients are rich in onions. Hence, if you are under impression that onions are only for adding flavor to the food, then you are wrong. And do not worry about the tears that onions bring on. Just try to add onions to your regular diet to enjoy it’s amazing health benefits.[5]


6. Meat

You can easily obtain adequate amounts of selenium by consuming meat as well. Selenium is rich in meat which helps for the proper functioning of the immune system and thyroid metabolism. Consume meat for thrice a week.[6]


7. Corn

Corn, a worldwide famous cereal is rich in selenium. It offers wide range of health benefits such as controlling diabetes, lowering hypertension, and prevention of the heart ailments etc. Although the corn which is frozen can be consumed, prefer consuming fresh corn.[7]


8. Whole Grain

Whole grains are rich in selenium. Bread, rice and flour etc can be made with the help of whole grains. Along with selenium, whole grain bread is also loaded with minerals, and vitamins. Hence, whole grain breads are considered highly beneficial in promoting the good health. It improves the functioning of the immune system as well.[8]

Whole Grain

9. Mushroom

Mushrooms offer us adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins which our body requires for generating energy and repairing cells. They are also rich in selenium and offer more amount of selenium than other foods in the vegetable and fruit group. With the high content of protein, fiber and B vitamins mushrooms help in maintaining the healthy metabolism.[9]