9 Effective Jaw Exercises To Follow

9 Effective Jaw Exercises To Follow

Just like you do back, arms, legs, and hip exercises, you also need to practice facial exercises to strengthen the muscles of your jaw and face effectively. Performing jaw exercises helps make your cheekbones grow strong and sculpted. It also aids in getting rid of the undesirable facial fat. If you do not perform jaw exercises regularly, you may have fatty, droopy, and misaligned face that certainly would affect your appearance adversely. So, you need to follow certain effective jaw exercises regularly. Scroll down to discover all about it.

Find Below Nine Most Effectual Jaw Exercises That You Must Practice Regularly:

1. Humming With Tongue:

Tongue twister is a great exercise to develop a strong jawline. Sit on the ground with folded, crossed legs comfortably. Now, let your tongue touch the upper area of your mouth at the back of your teeth. Press your tongue on the mouth and make a humming sound that make a vibrating voice. Perform this tongue twister exercise 15 times daily in three sets.

Humming With Tongue

2. Jawbone Tensing Exercise:

If you want to make your face tight and avoid the chances of making your face turn fatty, perform jawline roll exercise. It is highly beneficial for your facial muscles. All you need to do is turn your lips sideways and pucker them. This exercise tenses your jawbone. Speak out the words ‘EW Charles’ loudly. Do not grind your teeth. Perform this exercise about ten times in three sets every day.

Jawbone Tensing Exercise

3. Air-filled Mouth Exercise:

You will have well-toned jaw muscles when you fill your mouth with air. Simply place a chair in front of your mirror and sit on it. Watch yourself in the mirror, close your mouth, clench your teeth, and fill the air in your mouth. Now move the aide sideways, hold and then move it towards opposite side. This exercise aids in strengthening and tightening your jaw muscles to a great extent.

 Air-filled Mouth Exercise

4. Neck Crunch:

One of the most effective jaw exercises to have a strong jawline is neck curl-up exercise. Lie down on the ground on your back with your face looking the sky. Let your tongue touch the upper part of your mouth. Now, raise your chin up and then try to bring it near your chest. Then, lift and pull your head up from the ground at a height of 2 inches. Make sure you do not move your stomach. Perform two or three sets of this exercise daily.

 Neck Crunch

5. Up-and-down Chin Move:

Perform up-and-down chin exercise that aids in strengthening your facial and jawbone muscles substantially. Stand straight upright, slowly take your head backwards and tilt it down back, let your tongue touch the upper area of your mouth, then lift your chin up and take it down the neck in the front. Perform this up and down chin exercise many times a day.

Up-and-down Chin Move

6. Breathing Through Mouth:

Breathing by opening up and closing your mouth is indeed an effective and excellent exercise to develop strong jaw muscles. Be seated in a chair with a mirror right in front of you, open your mouth slowly without exercising any pressure as you take the jaw upwards. Now, close your mouth and bring your jaw downwards. Watch your face in the mirror as you practice this exercise and practice it several times daily. Perform this twice in the morning and at night daily.

 Breathing Through Mouth

7. Neck Up-down Exercise:

One of the easiest exercises to strengthen your facial and jaw muscles is neck up-down exercise that involves your collar bone. Simply sit on the ground by folding your legs from the knees, hold your knees by using your both the hands for a strong grip, and then move your head first backwards and then forwards in the initial position. Make sure you contract your throat while you are performing this exercise. Perform this exercise ten times daily in three sets to have an attractive fat-free face.

 Neck Up-down Exercise

8. Isotonic Jaw Exercise:

Speaking up ‘OO-EE’ word is an isotonic exercise that helps tone your jawline and make it strong. You need to purse your lips with an opened your mouth. Speak out the word ‘OO-EE’ loudly. Do not touch your teeth or get them outside your lips. Besides this, you can also speak aloud ‘OO-Ah’ to strengthen your mouth, nose, and lips’ muscles.

Isotonic Jaw Exercise

9. Chin Tensing Exercise:

Tone your chin and jaw muscles of your face by performing the sagging chin exercise. It is a simple and easy exercise. Sit on a chair placed in front of your table, place your fist and palm below your chin letting your elbow of hand rest on the table. Open your mouth and push your palms upwards on your chin for good resistance. Hold for a few seconds and return to the initial position. Perform this exercise ten times every day in three sets.

Chin Tensing Exercise

Now that you know these nine most effective exercises to strengthen your jaw muscles and have a toned and sculpted face, make sure you perform these exercises daily without fail.