9 Effective Ways For Boosting Endorphins In body

In the present highly competitive world, many people are undergoing severe strain. A lot of people are leading a very stressful and pressurized life. Strain and anxiety are the main reasons for the occurrence of many diseases and disorders in our body. One and only solution to get rid of this problem is to have happiness and joy in our life. This is possible through boosting endorphins in our body. Our brain produces a chemical called endorphin which determines the happiness and mood. It is a feel good hormone. This hormone combats with depression and anxiety very effectively. Therefore people who lead stressful life highly require this chemical. This chemical can be increased through exercise and proper diet.

Here Are 9 Effective Ways For Boosting Endorphins In Body:

1. Peppers

Peppers are highly known to be beneficial in boosting your endorphin levels. For this, add two to five teaspoons of pepper in some water. Consume this mixture. As soon as you intake this mixture, your brain releases the endorphins. Alternatively, you can regularly include pepper in the diet. Cayenne pepper is one kind of pepper which is loaded with compound called capsaicin. [1]This compound boosts endorphin levels in the body.


2. Dark Chocolate

Who does not love dark chocolate? It is the favorite of almost all of us. Dark chocolate is highly capable in making us feel delightful. It contains theobromine which stimulates the brain. It is highly capable of increasing your energy and mental speed. [2]Therefore, try to consume chocolates whenever you feel depressed and sad.

dark choclates



3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are also very helpful in improving your endorphin levels. Always prefer to include fishes like tuna, herring and salmon in your diet so that you can have omega 3 fatty acids. [3]If you are vegetarian, then you should consume flaxseeds and walnuts for getting these fatty acids.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

4. Group Exercise

Exercise plays a pivotal role in increasing your mood. Hence, exercise regularly. Also note that instead of exercising all alone, exercise along with your friends. Because, group exercise makes you feel young so that you can be physically energetic all the day. [4]This exercise remedy increases endorphins levels in your brain. Just take a walk along with family members or friends. You can also go to aerobic classes.

group exercises

5. Laughing Therapy

One can easily increase endorphin levels through laughing therapy. Artificial laughter is also very helpful in relieving stress and strain and thus makes you feel joyful. Laughing therapy has a stimulatory effect on your endorphins levels.[5] Enjoy your favorite comedy shows and films and try to laugh more.

laughing therapy

6. Listening To Music

Listening to your favorite music is also very effective in releasing endorphins. Listen to the music that you love most. Try to sing. [6]If possible dance along with your favorite song. Prefer listening your favorite song or music while working at house or desk.

Listening to Music

7. Brazil Nuts

Another amazing way to increase endorphin levels is through consuming Brazil nuts. High nutrient content along with amino acids in these nuts effectively raise the endorphin levels. [7]Take only three Brazil nuts on regular basis.

Brazil Nuts

8. Massage

Massage therapy is known to be highly beneficial in reducing the tension through releasing endorphins in brain. It also lessens anxiety and depression. Thus, it improves your mood. Prefer scalp and body massage. Also prefer shower massage. [8]Take massage therapy on regular basis so that you can feel delightful.


9. Exposure To Sunlight

We can get vitamin D through sitting under sunlight. In fact, it is a natural way to get vitamin D. It also increases the endorphin levels in the brain. Thus, it improves our mood. Prefer to take sunbath or sit under sunlight on regular basis.[9]

Exposure to Sunlight