9 Excellent Dietary Sources Of Threonine

The essential amino acid that greatly aids the maintenance of proper protein balance in the body is threonine. This amino acid is very important for the development of the elastin, tooth enamel, and collagen. Threonine greatly assists liver and lipotropic function when mixed with aspartic acid and methionine. This essential amino acid strengthens the immune system by helping in the production of the antibodies. It may help in healing few types of depression as well.

The Following Is The List Of Foods Rich In Threonine:

1. Eggs:

Eggs are rich source of this essential amino acid. Proteins in eggs are made up of amino acids. And eggs contain all the nine essential amino acids. Because of the pattern of the essential amino acids in the protein of the eggs is similar to the pattern required by the human body, eggs are widely suggested as part of the balanced and healthy diet.[1]


2. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are the good source of threonine, an essential amino acid required to create other essential amino acids such as serine and glycine. Poor levels of threonine in the body can lead to liver failure. Besides threonine, pumpkin seeds also contain plant based omega 3 fats, natural phytoestrogens, and alpha linolenic acid etc. Therefore, whenever you are on the mood for the chewy snack, prefer pumpkin seeds.[2]

Pumpkin Seeds

3. Spinach:

Another amazing dietary source of threonine is spinach. Besides this essential amino acid, spinach also consists of numerous minerals and vitamins. It is also concentrated in health promoting phytonutrients like carotenoids, Lutein, beta-carotene, Flavonoids and zeaxanthin. With all these nutrients spinach provides excellent anti-oxidant protection to the body.[3]


4. Kale:

In addition to beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and calcium this wonderful vegetable also consists of all the nine essential amino acids. In fact, this amazing vegetable is rich in threonine. Also, kale contains two compounds such as sulforaphane and indole 3 carbinol which are believed to have cancerogenic potentials. However, sulforaphane is destroyed by cooking. Mincing or steaming preserves the entire content.[4]


5. Meat:

Meat is another good source of threonine. In fact, the meat products play the major role in the human nutrition due to the presence of fat, protein, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids along with other nutrients. Because of all these nutrients, nutritional scientists urge people to consume meat for both mental and physical health.[5]


6. Mushrooms:

Mushroom protein contains all the nine essential amino acids including threonine which are required by man. Due to the presence of all the nine essential amino acids mushrooms are highly recommended to include as part of the diet for vegetarians.[6]


7. Almonds:

Threonine is found in almonds as well. Consume few almonds on regular basis for keeping poor levels of threonine levels at bay. Actually, poor levels of threonine are found in those people with clinical depression. By consuming almonds regularly, you can keep the threonine deficiency at bay.[7]


8. Beef:

Beef is another dietary source of threonine. Moderate consumption of beef is suggested so as to keep the deficiency of threonine at bay. The deficiency of this essential amino acid can result in weakness and skin disorders. This amino acid is also very important for the antibody production to the body.[8]


9. Fish:

Fish is also loaded with threonine. Therefore, regular consumption of fish is very helpful in enhancing the threonine levels in the body. By increasing the levels of this amino acid, fish works wonders in reducing the risk of liver failure. Similarly, fish plays the pivotal role in reducing the risk of various diseases as well.[9]