9 Natural Ways to Handle Drowsiness

Feeling lethargic and sleepy during the daytime slows down our normal routine. Most of the people across the world are facing this problem. The reasons such as unusual working hours, stress, depression, sleep disorders, and body pains etc deteriorate your good night sleep. This results in the feeling of sleepiness and lethargy during the day time. Most people prefer to consume coffee or other caffeinated drinks to prevent this problem. But, is it safe to intake the caffeinated drinks very often? No, it is not safe. You are spoiling your health in the process of battling with drowsiness in this way.

There are some amazing and effective ways with which we can strongly battle with drowsiness in a natural way.

Here Are The 9 Natural Ways To Handle Drowsiness:

1. Habitual Sleep Schedule

You need to follow the regular or habitual sleep schedule to stay energetic all through the day. Undisturbed and adequate sleep at night can make you feel refreshed during the entire day. It keeps the depression, fatigue, stress and low energy at bay. You need to sleep at least seven to nine hours per day so as to prevent the drowsiness during the daytime.


2. Get Bright Light Or Sunlight

Sunlight regulates the biological clock. In fact, sunlight makes the body attentive and vigilant about the work time. But if you are unable to find the sunlight because of your shift timings, then you can prefer to maintain your workplace intensely lighted. Intense and bright light combats the drowsiness and further keeps you alert.


3. Physical Activity

Physical activity or exercise plays an important role in keeping you energetic all the day. Prefer to exercise during the morning. Lack of physical activity is also one of the main reasons for drowsiness. Exercise on a daily basis for half an hour to stay energetic. Working energetically all through the day make you fall asleep easily during the night as well. Any exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, running, yoga or aerobics, and dancing can be chosen to enjoy the best and good qualitative sleep during the night. Similarly, you need to exercise only in the morning. If you exercise in the night before your bed time, this physical activity can slow down your sleep. It results in feeling sleepy during the next day.


4. Do Not Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can result in lowering your energy levels. This, in turn, makes you feel drowsy during your work. Hence, have breakfast in the morning on a regular basis. Similarly, you are not required to consume the excess amounts of foods for breakfast. You are required to consume a balanced breakfast. Have breakfast which consists of cereals, nuts, lean protein and fruits. All these foods greatly aid you in getting the sufficient energy and work at your best during the day without feeling sleepy.


5. Consume A Lot Of Water

Dehydration makes you feel exhausted. Exhaustion makes you feel sleepy. Hence, you need to drink a lot of water all through the day. If you cannot have the adequate amount of water, then you need to replace it with other healthy drinks such as coconut water, herbal tea, juices like watermelon juice, tomato juice, and cucumber juice etc.


6. Say ‘No’ To Heavy Lunch

You need to say no to heavy lunch which makes you feel drowsy. Likewise, you need to avoid spicy, fatty and junk foods. Besides harming your health, these foods also play an active role in making you feel drowsy. Try to include vegetables and fruits in the diet. Try to include the complex carbohydrates such as the brown rice and whole grains in your diet.


7. Give Up Alcohol And Smoking

It is a known fact that consumption of alcohol and smoking affects our body seriously. They can also affect the qualitative sleep at night as well. When you cannot sleep during the night, it automatically bothers you with adverse effects during the day time. That means you feel very sleepy in the day time. Hence, try to quit smoking and alcohol consumption as immediately as possible.


8. Check Out Your Medicines

Consumption of certain medications can result in sleeping disorders. If you are under any medication, then consult your doctor again and check whether the medications you are currently taking can lead to sleep disturbances. If you inform your doctor, your doctor can either lower the dosage or recommend an alternative medication so that you can get successfully sufficient and qualitative sleep during the night.


9. Keep The Surroundings Interesting

Keep the surroundings of your workstation interesting. When you feel drowsy, you can look at those interesting things which have the capability of making you happy and alert. For instance, you can keep your loved and dear ones photographs at your desk. When looking at those photographs, you will automatically think of them. Try to think about some special gifts you wanted to give them in order to make them happy. Your mind becomes alert and energetic whenever you think of someone whom you love or care. Alternatively, you can prefer to hang the most beautiful pictures such as flowers, scenery, and fascinating cars etc.