9 Natural Ways To Lose Weight From Face

9 Natural Ways To Lose Weight From Face

Excess fat on your face makes you look bulky and older. Consumption of excessive junk foods, alcohol, genetics, obesity, soft facial muscles, aging and dehydration are some of the reasons that causes plumpness or bloated face. Though losing weight only from your face sounds difficult and you have to tone up your entire body to reduce facial fat, but exercising the facial muscles and eliminating the causes that are causing bloated face can help to reduce fat from your face fast. A healthy diet, face yoga (Exercise), hydration are some natural remedies that can help you to lose weight around your face and look your best.

Natural Ways To Lose Weight From Face:

1. Face Yoga:

Toning up the facial muscle by performing these facial exercises can help to reduce the facial fat.Widen your eyes and focus at a specific point staring continuously for ten seconds and relax. Do it several times.Make fish face by just sucking your cheeks and lips. Hold the posture for 10 seconds. Do this 5-6 times. This exercise will help to tone the cheek muscles and tone them.

Sitting on a chair with your back straight and head tilt backward, look upward and blow air from your mouth pulling your lips as hard as possible. Form “O ‘shape using your lips the way you would whistle. This exercise will help to strengthen the jaw line and work out all facial muscles and tone them,

Keep smiling. Smiling is the best exercise to lose fat from face. Smile helps to trim the cheek muscles and tone up all other facial muscles.

Face Yoga

2. Avoid Processed Food:

Limit your intake of processed and junk foods. They are high in sodium and carbohydrates. Unhealthy carbohydrates and excessive sodium can water retention and cause bloating in your cheeks and under the eyes.

Avoid Processed Food

3. Eat A Healthy Diet:

Consuming a healthy, wholesome diet is necessary for losing weight from body as well as face. A healthy nutritious diet helps to keep your body energized and help you cut down on sugar and caffeine. Cutting calories drastically can have negative consequences.

Eat A Healthy Diet

4. Sleep Well:

Lack of sleep can make you look aged and bloated. Without enough sleep you will have puffy eyes, dark circles and your face look puffed up. By getting enough sleep, you will allow all the system of your body function well and make your weight loss effort successful.

 Sleep Well

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Drinking enough water will help to hydrate your body, help flush out excess sodium and toxins that creates puffiness on your face.

 Keep Yourself Hydrated

6. Chewing Gum:

Like any other muscle of your body, face muscle can get toned the more you exercise. Chewing gum is an effective way to exercise facial muscles. Chewing gum also makes your brain and stomach feel that it is getting something more. Chewing gum also helps to curb your appetite and unhealthy craving. Stimulating saliva, it also helps to breakdown fats. However, choose non-sugar variant.

 Chewing Gum

7. Facial Massage:

Regular facial massage can tone down considerable amount of fat by enhancing blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and tighten the sagging skin. Massage can help to eliminate double chin, puffed cheeks and tone your look.

Facial Massage

8. Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon tea is a great drink to balance blood sugar level. Blood sugar leaves a direct impact on your weight as it affects your energy and appetite. If you r blood sugar level is maintained you will able to control your appetite and body will use fat appropriately rather than storing. To make cinnamon tea, add one cinnamon stick in a cup of boiling water, steep for 5 minutes. Drink in empty stomach in the morning.

Cinnamon Tea

9. Use Beauty Mask:

Application of beauty mask helps to tighten the skin. Repeated application can help to eliminate double chin, chubby chicks by pulling out toxins from the skin and reducing puffiness of the skin. Some masks are especially effective like clay masks, fruit masks and vinegar mask.

Use Beauty Mask