9 Popular Tips For Removing Dark Circles Under The Eyes

9 Popular Tips For Removing Dark Circles Under The Eyes

For beauty conscious people, dark circles under the eyes, can be a big worry. These circles and the puffiness may steal the overall natural beauty leaving the skin dull, puffy, ill and bored. There may be genetic reasons for this problem but not all the cases are such. Therefore, you may try to get rid of the problem by trying few tips. 9 such tips are mentioned down here. Do go through all and try to implement in your daily life.

9 Popular Tips For Removing Dark Circles Under The Eyes:

1. Change Your Sleeping Habits:

This is the foremost tip that you must follow in your everyday life. The way people sleep may affects the entire health be it the facial skin or the skin under the eyes. The fluid that is built under the eyes may cause dark circles. In order to get rid of this fluid, you must change the way you sleep. Whenever you sleep, sleep on your back and do keep your head elevated using pillows. This sleeping habit helps to drain away the fluid buildup under the eyes.

Change Your Sleeping Habits

2. Remove All The Makeup:

Well, this is another reason for dark circles. Sleeping with make up on causes the eyes to develop dark circles and also takes away the overall beauty of the eyes. Try to remove all the makeup, mascara and eyeliner before going to sleep. If you ignore this tip, the eyes may start watering thus becoming puffy. Also, try to wash your eyes with water few times every day especially when you wash your face.

Remove Make Up

3. Add Plenty Of Green Vegetables In Your Diet:

Green vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and the necessary minerals. These may help in keeping us healthy and maintain the overall beauty of not just the face and eyes but also inner beauty like keeping our organs healthy and burden free. Few example of green vegetables and fruits that you must consume are spinach, carrots, brinjals, oranges and bananas.

Add Plenty Of Green Vegetables In Your Diet

4. Live Stress Free Life:

Well stress is the biggest reason behind dark circles, puffy eyes, dull skin and various other problems. Discard stress and get rid of all these concerned problems as well. Stress if increases, stimulates cortisol that increases the blood volume and puffiness in the eye skin. It has various other negative effects as well like laziness and certain diseases.

Live Stress Free Life

5. Add Plenty Of Iron In Your Diet:

Foods that are rich in iron are good for the eyes. Few example of such foods are eggs, legumes, iron supplements and whole grain. The higher amount of iron in the food helps in keeping the bone strong and the eyes free of dark circles and puffiness.

Add Plenty Of Iron In Your Diet

6. Reduce The Intake Of Salt In Your Diet:

This tip is not just for the puffy and dark circle eyes but for everyone whether going through this problem or not. You must lower the intake of salt in your diet else it may give rise to various problems. Do eat food that has lower concentration of salt. If you prefer spicy, discontinue till your problem is gone, if possible forever.

 Reduce The Intake Of Salt In Your Diet

7. Sleep As Much As Possible:

Although the minimum number of hours you must sleep for is 8 hours but you can prolong your sleep for more than this. You would have heard of doctors advising to sleep for at least 8 hours. This habits of yours keep the skin fresh and dark circle free. Lots of sleep lessens the stress thus leaving the eyes less puffy and free of dark circles. Therefore, do arrange 8 hours every day to get fast sleep.

 Sleep As Much As Possible

8. Use Something That Provide Cooling Sensation:

Well, you can trust home remedies to fulfil this tip. There are home remedies like cucumber and potato slices that when kept on the eyes, reduces its puffiness and the dark circles. Also, these make the blood vessels less visible. If you go for this option and use cucumber or potato slices on your eyes, then place on your eyes for maximum time as you can. Wash off the eyes after that and massage around the eyes with rose water. This will help in keeping the eyes healthy, free from your biggest worry i.e. Dark circle and puffiness and fresh always.

 Use Something That Provide Cooling Sensation

9. Control Allergies:

Well, this is another reason or experiencing dark circles under the eyes. Sometimes, even with the correct sleeping habits and the time, we experience dark circles. Well, when these two are not the reason, allergy might be the one. Therefore, control your allergies by consulting a doctor. The allergies may sometime happen due to dusty or polluted air. Try to keep away from such type of environment. Keep your surrounding clean and the rest about the allergy, doctor will solve with medication.

Control Allergies