5 Best Home Remedies For Night Sweats


Night sweats are a common problem, particularly in women. During menopause, the effects of night sweats begin to show up. Since the levels of estrogens are disturbed during menopause, women feel uneasy while sleeping at night.

night sweats

Hence, the result is night sweats. Similarly, in men, fluctuations in the levels of testosterone might be a reason of the night sweats. Since these are general problems, going to a doctor might seem worthless. We are discussing here 5 best and very effective remedies which would help you to cure night sweats at home itself.

Effective Home Remedies For Night Sweats

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are a time tested cure for night sweats. You can always rely on the herbal tea as it would not cause any side effects and sweating at night would not exaggerate with its intake. Rather, you would feel comfortable and cool. Many different kinds of herbal teas are available and any of them could be tried- red clover or black cohosh or any other. It depends on your taste which one you like.

herbal tea

Flaxseed Oil

For women, nothing can be better than the Flaxseed oil. The Flaxseed oil is extracted from the flax’s seeds and it is claimed to normalize the levels of estrogens in the body of women. Since the levels would be controlled, night sweating would automatically come to a halt with the intake of flaxseed oil. Men can also try this product, if you are lucky, it would help you, and otherwise you can avoid it. But, it would not cause any kind of side effects on the body.

flaxseed oil

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Soy Products

If you just want to get rid of night sweats and you do not care about anything else, soy products might help you. They come in various forms such as soy milk, tofu and many others. Since these products are rich in phytoesterogen, they would help in providing relief from night sweats and would let you sleep properly. Take as much soy products in your diet as you can.

soy products

Evening Primrose Oil

GLA, that is, Gamma Linoleic Acid, is particularly known for its ability to provide relief from night sweats. The Evening Primrose oil is enriched with this substance and hence, as soon as you start taking Evening Primrose oil, the effects would show up and instant relief could be obtained. If you do not want to take it as oil, some of the pharmacies and medical stores keep capsules of Evening Primrose oil too.

evening promise oil

Sleep Cool

Since the affected person would feel warm during the period of night sweats, it is important to keep him or her as much cool as possible. Otherwise, other adverse effects might show up on the body. Further, if the body would be cool, the person would be able to sleep properly. Hence, always sleep in a well ventilated room if you have a problem of night sweats. Sleeping in loose garments is also recommended. And, choose your night garments that are completely fabricated of cotton as it would absorb the sweat and make you feel good.