Almond Cures

The almond has always been considered among the most nutritious and popular dry fruits. It is known for the distinct flavour it imparts to all dishes, and also for its properties.

The almond is a very good tonic for the brain and heightens its functioning. It is recommended that ladies in the third trimester include a few almonds in their daily diet as it contributes to the development of the brain of the foetus. Almonds soaked overnight and blanched are the best way to start the day. A little saffron, nutmeg, mace, the powder of a few cloves rubbed into almond oil can be taken in the morning to improve memory. About five or six almonds are the right amount to be incorporated into the daily intake. The myth that the more almonds you take, the more benefit is popular. Moderate consumption is best, as larger quantities could contribute to high cholesterol.

Almonds are also considered an aphrodisiac. It is believed that almond oil used on the male genital organs strengthens the nerves. It also has a soothing effect on the mucous membrane.

Here is a good recipe made with almonds. Take 2 or three each of almonds, pistachios, and one or two dates and figs. Add in some honey to this mixture. When taken early in the morning, it gives a rejuvenating feeling. You feel revitalized, hale and youthful. When taken on a completely empty stomach it also gives renewed appetite and taste for food. It helps keep you free from exhaustion and fatigue.

The next time you feel low and listless, grab some almonds and give yourself renewed vigour.

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