Animal Diets

We often tend to avoid meat and milk like the plague when we are dieting. There are ways that you can indulge yourself occasionally by consuming the right quantities and types of animal product without doing yourself much harm.


Skimmed milk products available easily in the market may be used. Milk and milk powders, and cottage cheese, curds, buttermilk can all be made with skimmed milk and consumed daily. The same products made from cow’s milk after removal of the cream may be used occasionally too. Completely avoid any products or the usage of whole cow’s milk, or buffalo milk in any form. Sweet yogurt or buttermilk, and sweets made with milk must all be excluded from the diet completely.

Meat And Poultry

Chicken, fish and egg whites can be consumed freely, provided the preparations are made with little or no oil, and without overcooking the food. Tuna and egg yolks can be indulged in occasionally. While dining out, stick to grilled forms of chicken and fish as this can ensure you minimal use of oil and fat. Salads using chicken can also be consumed without much worry. Fleshy meats like mutton, beef, pork, organ meats, sausages, salami and bacon must all be given a skip. They contain large amounts of fat and cholesterol and are not desirable for those who are weight conscious. Shell fish like lobsters, crabs, prawns and oysters should also be avoided completely. While eating out, avoid heavy gravies and fried forms of meat, chicken and fish as these are laden with fat.

While cooking food, use healthy forms of oil like olive, groundnut, rice bran, or fish oil. The slightly more harmful oils are til and mustard. Avoid using sunflower, corn, coconut oils, and also butter, ghee, and mayonnaise altogether.

Eating a good diet will make you feel lighter, and more energised. Less food does not always mean good food. Eating sensibly is more important always.

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