Attacking Asthma

Few people actually know that asthma also has home remedies. With the administration of some simple cures at home, bringing asthma under control is not so difficult any longer.

Take a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and mix it in one cup of fenugreek juice and add some honey to taste. This is an excellent cure, and should be taken twice a day. The fenugreek juice can be made by mixing one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water.

Garlic is another effective antidote. Boil about ten cloves of garlic in 30 ml of milk. This taken once every day is good in curing early stages of asthma.

Steaming ginger tea with a few cloves of garlic added also aid in the cure of asthma.

Take half a teaspoon of bishop’s weed and mix in a cup of buttermilk. This taken twice daily helps bring asthma under control.

A hot poultice made using bishop’s weed seeds should be used twice daily. Alternately, the steam from boiling bishop’s weed seeds in water can also be inhaled for good results.

Take half a teaspoon of powdered safflower seeds and mix in one tablespoon of honey. Taken twice daily, this reduces spasms and helps liquidation. 5 grams of flowers from the safflower plant can also be mixed with honey and consumed to benefit.

There is a remedy for almost all ills in the simple herbs and spices we use at home regularly. Treating illnesses is easy with a little help and insight on the ingredients we use.

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