Beauty Tips for Men

The word beauty has always been associated with women but now men have started moving out of the offices into saloons to groom themselves. Where looks have become such an important aspect of one’s life, it has also important for men to groom themselves. A few beauty tips for men are listed below:

Balding is one of the most gross and most prevalent problems in men. A solution to balding is to go very short with hair. This will not make the sparing of hair very noticeable. Also, to get one’s hair too short is a fashion statement among men these days.

As age increases, men begin to face graying of hair not only on head but also on face. It is recommended to use a good hair color on the onset of graying. If graying develops in beards and mustaches, cut them clean. But if you must keep them, you can also use hair color gels on them.

Your skin care should include daily cleansing; exfoliating your skin every week with a gentle, chemical free scrub. Prevent ageing by using sunscreens before going out in sun which protects your skin from direct contact with the harmful rays of the sun. Contact with direct sunlight can damage your skin and increase the risk of skin cancers as well as pre-pone ageing. Use a good moisturizer daily.

Cleaning your hands and feet is the most important part of grooming. Grooming your hands does not only mean cutting nails and get done with it. Manicure your hands and nails regularly. File and clip them at home.

Foot care involves scrubbing and cleaning them every day. Dry them completely and don’t moisturize the spaces between the fingers of your feet. A most common foot problem with men is foot odor. Use foot powders and foot creams to get rid of it.

Trim and tweeze the stray hair around your eyebrows. Clean them regularly. Do not also hesitate to trim your armpit hair. That area is prone to excess sweating. Cutting armpit hair will lessen the growth of bacteria in that place and thus lessen spread of any skin infection.

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