Benefits Of Barley


Barley is a well known food grain plant. Indian physicians use barley water as a soothing, cooling and calming recipe for patients having feverish conditions and gastric upsets. At the same time, the mucilage from this is unctuous and nourishing to the body. According to the Indian system of medicine, this is very suitable for patients suffering from diabetes. It subsides the water and fire element and is useful for throat troubles like laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

The protein in barley is extremely useful. It also contains natural Vitamins B1 and B2. It should be used fresh. Soup made from barley using moong beans can be given to patients during convalescence. A small piece if ginger, fresh or dry, should be used along with it.

The concoction prepared from barley given using about 12 to 18 grains given every morning and evening proves very beneficial in the case of kidney, bladder and urinary stones. It is usually given with coconut water. This is also useful in curing phlegm, breathing difficulty, distension, retention, and suppression of urine and colic.

In the case of several disorders where salt is restricted, barley salt can safely be given.

Barley is most effective in curing urinary infections. Barley water made using few tablespoons of barley pears boiled in water can be mixed with lemon and honey or sugar and drunk several times a day. This flushes out all toxins quickly and clears the urine well. Barley pearls are good for pregnant women as they prevent urinary tract infections and are also good for children, as they also pick up urinary diseases quickly.

Making barley a part of your home will not only keep away problems but also see you remain healthier. Use barley juices as a substitute for other drinks, and see what a change it brings to the overall harmony of your body.


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