Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Anti-Oxidation – The oil of Grapefruit is loaded with varieties of anti oxidants mainly, Vitamin-C. This vitamin, in support from other anti-oxidizing mechanisms found in grapefruit essential oil, improves immune system and confines movement of free radicals in body.

Regular usage of this oil is effective in shielding body from damages done by oxidants, such as skin aging, deterioration of tissues, macular disintegration, and ailments related to eyes, ears, together with psychological as well as physical indolence, neural disorders and other likewise health problems.

Increased Urination – Consumption of this oil promotes urge of urination which assists in better eradication of toxins and other harmful substances from body. Regular intake of grapefruit oil aids in lowering the elevated levels of blood pressure that is essential to retain good health of heart.

Natural Antiseptic – Owing to the exceptional properties to fight against viral and bacterial infections, it is used in various remedies as a decontaminator and antiseptic to treat ailments like inflammation of colon, abdomen, urinary tract, excretory system, liver and kidneys. Individuals suffering from abscesses should use diluted grapefruit oil as a mouthwash to get rid of abscesses with in a day or two.

Stimulating Agent – On daily consumption, the grapefruit essential oil acts as a stimulating agent for functionalities of brain as well as rest of the body. Regular consumption of grapefruit oil results in stimulation of glands to enhance secreting process of hormones and enzymes for optimum metabolism.

Nail Care – The usage of grapefruit oil is one of the most effective remedies for the treatment of nail fungus. A blend comprising seed extract of grapefruit and water should be prepared and applied locally over affected nails. Soaking affected nails in this blend confines growth of fungus and endows with early recovery. This should be repeated at least two times during a day to gain desired results.

Ear Care – It is advisable for individuals suffering from ear ache to drip two drops of a blend containing four drops of grapefruit essential oil diluted in one oz. of glycerin, several times a day to get almost instantaneous relief from pain and prevent further damage.

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