11 Benefits of Lavender Oil

11 benefits of lavender oil

Nose Bleeding

A soft tissue containing few drops of lavender oil should be wrapped around a small cube of ice. Placing this tissue covered ice cube beneath the center of top lip as long as bearable assists in stopping the bleeding from nose.

lavender oil helps to reduce nose bleeding

Bug Sting

Dropping two to three drops of undiluted lavender oil on affected portion from bug sting provides instantaneous relief from swelling, pain and itching.
lavender oil helps to reduce bus sting


Lavender oil is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective natural antiseptics. In case of cuts, washing wound with lavender oil eliminates harmful organisms and cleans wound from foreign bodies.

lavender oil helps to prevents from cuts


Sunburn is the most common skin condition that people visiting beaches encounter. A solution prepared with numerous drops of lavender oil diluted in pure distilled water should be applied on affected portions of skin to get immediate relief from pain and itching.

lavender oil prevents from sunbuens

Eczema & Dermatitis

Application of a blend containing few drops of lavender oil and pure vegetable oil base on skin portions affected from eczema and dermatitis paces up the healing process and rejuvenation of skin cells. This should be applied locally.

lavender oil prevents from eczema and dermatitis

Hay Fever

One drop of undiluted lavender oil should be rubbed between palms and then inhaled to assuage the symptoms of hay fever.

lavender oil prevents from hay fever

Motion Sickness

Placing merely a drop of lavender oil on end of tongue or on skin surrounding navel assists in suppressing symptoms associated with motion sickness.

lavender oil helps to reduce motion sickness

Skin Rashes

Application of three drops of undiluted lavender oil over and surrounding rashes provides with immediate relief from itching and paces up the healing powers of skin. Apply 2-3 drops of Lavender oil to a rash to stop the itching and heal the skin.

lavender oil helps to reduce skin rashes

Better Sleep

To gain a sound sleep throughout night, rub one drop of pure lavender oil between palms and then rub palms smoothly on pillow to leave fragrance. This is a great remedy for persons experiencing sleeping disorders.

lavender oil prevents from sleeping disorders

Chapped Lips & Dry Skin

Rubbing few drops of lavender oil on chapped lips or dry skin provides tremendous results along with natural glow.

lavender oil prevents from chapped lips


Daily massaging of scalp with few drops of lavender oil assists in permanent elimination of dandruff. Massaging with kneading technique over or surrounding portion of skin scars confines the growth and generation of scar tissues.
massgage yoyr scalp with lavender oil

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