Building A Strong Immune System

To lead a healthy life, we need a healthy immune system. Our immune system wards off harmful viruses and bacteria from our body. However, a weak immune system cannot work to prevent diseases. To allow our immune system to work efficiently, we should strengthen it through proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle.


Certain vitamins and minerals are especially beneficial for our immune system. Vitamins C and E are especially required to build a strong immune system. The antioxidant property of these vitamins boosts the function of the immune system. Antioxidants arrest the ravages caused by free radicals to the healthy cells of our body. Free radicals are blamed for causing cancer and cardiac ailments. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower are rich in vitamin C. You can get your vitamin E supply from whole grains, leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, egg yolk, sardines, olive, and papaya.

Carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lycopene and lutein, boost our immunity by enhancing production of lymphocytes, necessary for fighting invading germs. Leafy green vegetables and bright colorful fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes are rich sources of carotenoids.

Iron plays an important role in strengthening our immune system. Sardines, tuna fish oil, liver, fig, almond, spinach, beans, raisins, prunes are some iron rich foods. Seafood and whole grains are important sources of zinc, which is extremely important for the health of our immune system. Selenium, present in whole grains, nuts, seafood, fish, promotes growth of antibodies, necessary to fight germs.


Exercise helps to keep your body fit. According to studies, regular moderate exercise boosts our immune system. However, intense exercising might temporarily weaken our immune system. Intense exercises produce excess stress related hormones, such as adrenaline, which might cause the immune system to lose its vitality. When you are ill, exercising can actually worsen your condition by over stressing your immune system.


People suffering from chronic stress are vulnerable to infections. In order to strengthen your immune system, stress reduction is necessary.

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