Burning Eyes – Remedies and Prevention

Burning eye is a nuisance that is sometime quite difficult to deal with. Your eyes might burn due to several reasons. If something gets into your eyes, such as dust, chemicals or soap your eyes would burn. Burning eyes might development from exposure to environmental pollutants, irritants and smoke. Burning eyes is often a symptom of allergy such as pollen allergy or hay fever. Bacterial and viral infections also cause burning eyes.

Burning Eyes - Remedies and Prevention

Burning eyes treatment

Eye burns caused by infections or by exposure to chemicals need medical intervention. Your ophthalmologist is the best person to treat eye diseases and medical emergencies. Mild eye burn, however, could be treated with simple home remedies.


While washing your face, soap might enter into your eyes, causing irritation and burning. To treat this discomfort, you can splash clean water in your eyes. You can also rinse your eyelids and eyelashes with lukewarm water to remove any trace of soap that might remain in the lashes. If a chemical such as perfume or hair dye gets into your eyes, causing eye burn, you should open your eyes as widely as possible and wash it with water. Keep rolling your eyeballs as you wash the affected eye. You should keep washing your eye for about fifteen minutes to remove every trace of the harmful chemical. However, while flushing the chemical out of your eyes, do not wash your eyes vigorously.

Wash Eyes

Artificial tear

Burning can even occur when your eyes become dry due to some reason. Putting one or two drops of artificial tear could help to lubricate the eyes, healing burning eyes. Using artificial tear three to four times a day can help to treat chronic eye burns.

Artificial tear

Treating allergies

If burning eyes is a symptom of allergy, treating the allergy with antihistamine medications and using antihistamine eye drops could help to treat the itchy and burning eyes.


Preventing burning eyes

Since environmental irritants are primary responsible for burning eyes, you should protect your eyes from irritants. Wearing watertight goggles while swimming can protect your eyes from chlorine in pools that can make your eyes burn. Cover your eyes with sunglasses to prevent burning eyes caused by exposure to sunlight.