Causes And Symptoms Of Facial Acne


The skin condition that causes pimples is referred to as Acne. It can be simply put as dumping of cell’s impurities and excess oil in the tiny holes of the face called as pores. It turns out to be filled with pus and appears as inflammation on the facial area. It is painful and irritating. It is usually associated with teenagers, but any one is prone to Acne.

Remedies for facial Acne

Symptoms of Facial Acne

People generally have Acne appearing on the face and shoulders. It may also occur on the arms, legs, and buttocks. You can see whiteheads, blackheads or red small bumps, a scratch mark on the skin or cysts appearing on these areas. The skin is normally dry, itchy and pink in color.

Symptoms of acne

Causes of Facial Acne

Generally it is an accepted norm that people with oily skin are more prone to Acne. It has genetically run through family charts. Acne occurs when pores of the skin become clogged. The general structure of a pore can be put as it opens to a follicle. Each pore opens to follicle that houses an oil gland and a hair. The oil gland helps in providing the oil that keeps the skin soft by removing old skin cells. If these oil glands produce excessive oil, the pores get blocked; old skin cells, bacteria and dirt get accumulated. The blockage of pores is usually referred to as plug. If the top of the plug is white in color, it is known as whitehead Acne.

Oliy Skin

If the top of the plug is black in color, it is referred to as blackhead. The swelling and red lumps are seen once the plug opens up after breaking. If the acne is deep in your skin then it can cause hard and painful cysts. A cyst is generally a group of tissue that can be filled with air, pus, fluids or other components. This type of Acne is known as cystic Acne.Acne can be triggered by hormonal changes, oily cosmetic products, greasy hair products, drug allergies or due to high level of humidity and profusely sweating. It is known that a diet that contains high percentage of refined sugars may be also cause Acne formation.

Refined Sugar

Home Remedies for Acne

Here are few homemade remedies listed for treating Acne.

Cucumber Face Mask

You can make a face mask by taking one cucumber and a cup of oatmeal. Mix together cucumber and oatmeal to prepare a paste. Now you add a teaspoon of yogurt to the mixture. After washing your face with cold water, apply the paste on the face and leave it for 30 minutes. Cucumber is known for its rich contents of vitamin A, C and E in addition to water, which is a vital ingredient to treat skin ailments.

Cucumber Face Mask

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Yogurt has many antibiotic qualities. It has vitamins B and zinc. These medicinal qualities of yogurt enable to cure Acne. You can take yogurt and mix it either with grapes, oranges, strawberries or honey to prepare a paste and apply the mixture on the Acne.



Grapes contain antioxidant named as resveratrol. It helps in providing the necessary medicinal properties that helps in curing the Acne. You can cut the grape into half and place it directly over the Acne to get relief.



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