Caveman Diet – A Natural Way To Fight Diseases

The caveman diet also known as Paleolithic diet is referred as a dietary follow up of what human ancestors ate years ago. The foods in the prehistoric age were consumed in raw form.

The caveman diet comprises of basic food items that were available to the humans in that particular period. The usage of dairy products, pro biotic foods, cooked meals, grains, meat and oils are prohibited in the caveman diet however, eggs can be consumed as it is believed that Paleolithic men would probably have had access to the birds nests.

Several studies have revealed that the consumption of caveman diet leads to superior health and on the same time reduces the risk of several diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The caveman diet has also been proven as a very efficient technique for guaranteed fat loss. Certain vegetables like potatoes, yams and cassava are also prohibited.

It is evident that consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw forms endows with high nutrition and minerals, which are vital to retain optimum health. All nuts other than peanuts and seeds should be consumed at least 4 ounces in a day.

As per the experts, it is believed that the prehistoric men did not have the access to alcoholic beverages and thus, is not allowed. Although, the intake of diet based on caveman diet plan provides exceptional results but sticking to it is a very difficult task.

The most negative point is that in modern times an individual keen to follow caveman diet is bound for the procurement of foods to visit a grocery store, which in no doubt is a hub of all attractive foodstuff.

The only meat allowed in caveman diet is grass fed beef, which is very difficult to find and costly. Despite of all pros and cons, the caveman diet if followed strictly might prove to be a most successful natural cure in treatment of various health ailments.

It is advisable for persons suffering from deficiency of nutrients and diseases like asthma, arthritis etc to consult a naturopathist prior to scheduling caveman diet as the requirements can vary from body to body.

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  1. Mike says:

    The version of the Paleo Diet I’m familiar with (by Cordain) promotes lean meat (pref grass-fed) and seafood, cooked if one desires. The only difficult part is eliminating all bread/grains, added sugar, and dairy products.

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