Citric Bliss

We often wonder what good the foods we eat are really doing to us. While we may think that the fruit we eat is just a nice, juice snack, the good it is doing to us is far from believable.

Vitamin C is an extremely important nutrient that ensures the well-being of the body. It helps in curing coughs and colds, and also boosts the overall immunity of the body. Vitamin C is found largely in citric fruits and vegetables.

When applied on the face, it feels very refreshing. It helps tone the skin and keeps it younger. It also has a bleaching action that helps keep the skin clearer and fairer, giving it more glow. Orange and citric extracts often form the base of many face packs and peels.

Citric fruits also have a preservative property that helps in keeping foods fresher longer naturally.
Citric products help lose weight. Since they are largely water based, fat content is minimal. Lemon is used well with warm water to help cut unwanted fat from the body.

Citric fruits help in reducing nausea. When combined with honey, lemon helps subside vomiting. Orange is another useful fruit to use to combat nausea. Fruits that are citric also help in improving digestion and give a refreshing after-taste.

Use citric fruits and vegetables in your daily diet regularly. Not only do they have a good taste, but also do much good to your body. You will find yourself feeling a whole lot better, and looking great too!

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