Correct Ways to Use Make-Up

Application of make up is always a delicate operation. With a little practice and lots of patience, you can create masterstrokes with your brush. Attention to detail while applying make-up is key. Here are some pointers to applying make-up well.


-Oil based foundations tend to separate, and must be mixed very well before they are used.
-Remember to use foundation on the neck area as well, as the resultant could be very tacky otherwise. Contrasts in the face and neck region stand out starkly.
– The purpose of applying foundation is to smoothen and conceal, use foundation discretely. The less used is always better


– Always apply eye liner close to the eyelashes. A line drawn away from the lashes stands out like a sore thumb. The idea is to blend the look in to give it more definition, and not to draw attention away from the eyes.
– Be generous with mascara. It adds a lot more than mere volume and thickness to the lashes. It completes the look, gives the eyes more character and detracts from other flaws effortlessly.
– Mascara should always be used upwards and outwards
– Before applying any eye-make up, make sure you let the glue from your false eye lashes dry up completely first


– Use a lip brush to fill in the lips whenever possible. It ensures you a neater, smoother finish.
– Make sure the lip pencil you are using is sharp, and use it with a steady hand to create neat defined lines
– Use a neutral colour to line the lips always
– After using the first coat of lipstick, try using a powder on the lips before you proceed. This helps keep the lipstick on longer.

Experience and commonsense are the watchwords to help you get gorgeous looks. Be careful while applying make-up and you can rarely go wrong. There will be no looking back afterwards.

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