Coughing Up A Solution


Curing a cough can be quite easy if you deal with it correctly.

Coughing Up A Solution

Simple remedies to rid yourself of a cough

Drink plenty of warm fluids. Choose your preferred beverage – tea, coffee, soups, milk and indulge yourself with as many helpings. This will relax the throat and also help cure the cough faster.This is the time to avoid drinking and eating cold things. Even if the climate demands more icy beverages, care first for the demands your body has.Gargle with salt water or with black tea. This will help relieve the cough faster.


Rub the throat with warm eucalyptus, almond or sesame oil before sleeping. This will help the cold and also ensure you sleep better. Wet fomentation with hot water is another useful remedy to fight cough. Drink plenty of ginger, cardamom, or cinnamon tea. These spices are known to have healing effects for coughs. Make a concoction of black pepper, dry ginger and honey. Have one teaspoon of this every 2 hours for relief.

sesame oil

A mixture of crushed pepper powder, cloves, dry ginger and nutmeg should be made. Mix one teaspoon of this with warm water and have twice daily for beneficial results. Grapes help clear congested lungs and act as an expectorant. Mix a cup of grape juice and add a spoon of honey. Drinking this juice can help rid you of a cough faster. Onions are also good cures for a cough. Juice of the onion mixed with a spoon of honey should be kept for about 4 or 5 hours. This is a good syrup and should be taken twice daily. Relief from a cough is no longer a problem. Simple, effective cures are now well within your reach.

Onion juice


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