Cures for Hyper Pigmentation


Hyper pigmentation is a state in which some parts of the skin become darker when compared to the surrounding areas. This coloration is due to the formation melanin by the melanocytes. This can be due to the changes in the hormonal levels in the blood or sunburn.

Hyper Pigmentation

It can be treated by several means like suing topical creams, micro dermabrasion, electrical stimulation of the skin, iontophoresis, and laser skin resurfacing etc. Instead of these complicated processes you can use some home based remedies which has little side effects.

1. Take 20 volume of hydrogen peroxide and to this add two table spoon of milk powder and then mix them finely with a few drops of glycerin. Apply this mixture on the pigmented areas and leave it for 20 minutes. After which rinse the skin with water and apply some moisturizer.


2. Mix a vitamin E capsule with a few drops of castor oil and spread this over the pigmented areas.

castor oil

3. Take equal amount of water and vinegar and use this for cleaning your skin. Rinse your face well and allow it to dry naturally by air. The acetic acid in vinegar will help you to get rid of the dark color and also leaves your skin smooth and radiant. Natural vinegars or apple cider are found to be good for this treatment.


4. Onion juice is also found to have good value in treating hyperpigmentation. Cut onion in to small pieces and blend them in a blender. Squeeze the contents in a muslin cloth and take the juice. Mix equal quantity of apple cider vinegar with the juice and apply it on the face. Or you can slice an onion and dip this slice in vinegar and rub this on the hyper pigmented areas.


5. Juice taken from fresh lemons will also produce similar results. This is because the acidic juice will help to remove the top layer of the skin and thus cause the spots to fade.


6. Raw potato juice if applied on the skin for 20 minutes will give you good results.


7. Powdered orange peel if mixed with raw milk and applied on the skin will also help you to recover pigmentation.

orange peel1

8. Mix equal proportion of cucumber juice and lemon juice when applied on the pigmented areas will lighten the spots.