Curing Pigmentation

No matter how much care we take of our skin, we inevitably invite problems for ourselves with the way we live. Some of us are exposed to the sun and harsh conditions with our daily schedules. Pigmentation is a common problem we all face.

While concealers help mask some skin deficiences, they are not the ultimate solution to the problem. Neither is using a host of different products. A simple skin care routine using few natural products can help reduce skin pigmentation greatly.

Cleanse the face using either a gentle soap, or cotton wool soaked in milk. Tone the face using a mild toner thereafter.

Exfoliate the skin using coarsely powdered almonds mixed in milk. Be careful around problem areas like the nose and upper lip.

Take the juice of cucumber, tomato and sweet lime and using a few drops of honey make a freely flowing solution. Beginning at the most affected areas, rub this juice on all parts of the face. The honey, sweet lime and tomato have the property to bleach and lighten skin and are effective in reducing pigmentation. Make sure you are carfeul while using this juice on the eyelashes and around the eyebrows as they could lighten too.

To finish off, make a pack using Fuller’s Earth, sandalwood poder, and the juices of the same fruits and vegetables used earlier. To this you can add some mashed, ripe banana as well. The banana has the tendency to bind the skin and help tone it better.

Use of this routine once in fifteen days will ensure you clear skin that is free from pigmentation. While there are products available today that use natural ingredients, there can be no substitute to nature.

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