Dietary Advantages of Spinach

Vision like a Horse – Since ages, spinach is advised by the health experts in the treatment of impaired or blurred vision. Spinach is known to be a rich source of beta carotene, lutein and xanthenes. 

Several researches conducted by American Dietary Association had confirmed that the inclusion of spinach in at least one meal of day assists in prevention of weak eyesight in adults as well as children.

Hypertension – Regular consumption of spinach significantly reduces the level of hypertension owing to the soaring content of potassium. Spinach is usually advised by doctors to balance the blood pressure as potassium diminishes the blood stress and petite quantities of sodium available in spinach assists in elevating blood pressure. It is recommended for persons suffering from impaired immune system to eat raw spinach salad daily for early recovery.

Muscle Strengthener – Owing to the availability of factor C0-Q10 in spinach, it is considered as food of bodybuilders. Daily consumption of spinach endows a bodybuilder with extra strength of muscles and reduces chances of chronic cardiovascular diseases, which are very common in bodybuilders due to intense training sessions.

Skin Care – Spinach is one of the mostly used vegetable to naturally enhance the glow of skin. Availability of various phyto-nutrients and especially vitamin K in spinach assists in rejuvenation of genes and confines the probabilities of skin cancer and gastro intestinal ulcers. For an optimum gain, spinach must be consumed in steamed or raw salad forms.

Pregnancy – Consumption of spinach by pregnant females paces up the procedure of unborn baby’s nervous system development in fetus. Higher intake of spinach by expecting females leads to negligible chances of birth defects in their baby. It is advisable to consult a dietician to set a proper dosage to avert the situations arising from overconsumption.

Memory Loss – Ample quantities of flavonoids in spinach aids in prevention of temporary memory losses due to age factors. Flavonoid also acts as an antioxidant, which is known to prop up the detoxification process of body.

Several dieticians recommend higher intake of spinach to cope with the deficiencies of iron and fiber in body. It can also be consumed by patients of cardiovascular diseases as it contains the negligible amount of cholesterol.

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