Different Stages Of Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is a wide spread disease among people of different countries that causes life to end without any alerts. The main cause of lung cancer is frequent smoking that easily affects lungs and causes tumors on it. There are different lung cancer stages based on tumor formation, which gets spread widely to other organs. Once staging of cancer tumor begins, the patient’s life gets critical and creates complications for physician in providing treatment. It is important for doctors to determine lung cancer stages that help in identifying appropriate treatment for curing it. Cancers in the lung can be of two varieties; they are lung cancers without small cells and lung cancers with small cells and have to be treated accordingly.

Different Stages Of Lung Cancer

Stages of Lung Cancer

Non-small Cell Lung Cancers

This type of lung cancer has been staged in the order of severity from I to IV that creates trouble for patients.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of lung cancer of this type is the growing stage of tumor on the organ. This lung cancer stage has been cured in most of the cases with the help of medical treatments available. This stage of cancer is usually determined while taking X-rays for treating other diseases.

1st Stage Lung Cancer

Stage 2

In Stage 2, the life expectancy of lung cancer patients varies dynamically. It is the stage where the tumor spreads in and around lymph nodes and are small in size. This lung cancer stage has to be treated with the help of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other therapies, which varies according to the tolerant potential of patients.


Stage 3

In Stage 3 of this type of lung cancer, tumors spread widely in the region of lymph nodes and are big in size. It is a stage, where cancer cells have been initiated to spread among distant organs, which is termed as locally advanced lung cancer. This stage of cancer cannot be cured by treatment in that area alone, but can be treated with the help of advanced medical science.

lymph nodes

Stage 4

Stage 4 (metastatic) of lung cancer is the serious and advanced stage, in which the cancer tumor has developed tremendously around the organ. It not only affects the organ, but also organs that are located nearby which causes trouble for people who are infected with it. In most of the cases, people having stage 4 cancer are not cured, but they are treated with the help of various clinical methods that are available in practice.

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Small Cell Lung Cancers

This type of lung cancer type usually spreads quickly and rapidly that has to be treated immediately. Usually this cancer type can be treated with the help of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which provides relief from cancer complications. It occurs in two stages as mentioned below.

Small Cell Lung Cancers