Eating Your Way To Weight Loss

Eating is actually a good way to help you lose weight, contrary to popular belief. Eating light, small portions every hour and a half is very beneficial since you never end up having heavy meals, Also, it gives the body ample time to work on the food and digest it well, keeping the body in order.

While beginning a new diet, stop and change your eating habits first. See how often you eat, and how much you eat. Look for foods that you avoid entirely, those which are regulars, and foods which are your weakness. Also compare this with the amount and kind of exercise you have to see if it balances out.
Here are simple foods that you can give your body at short intervals to keep it going, and also help you lose weight.

Boiled foods are by far the best. They have all the nutrients without fats in them. Add simple spices and a little salt and pepper and they are tasty and not insipid, like many make them out to be. Boiled vegetables are great in providing water content to the body along with many nutrients. You can also have some soups, but do not substitute them for the vegetables entirely since you are missing out on vital fibre.

Avoid fried foods completely. Instead, opt for grilled and roasted foods. This allows you to eat the foods you have always wanted to, without feeling the guilt of piling on unnecessary calories. Instead of choosing curries and heavy gravies, look for steamed, charcoaled, and barbecued substitutes.

Cravings are not all bad, if you handle them carefully. Indulge yourself, but make sure you have a small portion. This should be enough to satisfy the taste buds, and still not kill you with either the calories or the guilt.

If you feel you have indulged the body more than you should have, there is no need to remorse or starve. Simply atone for it by having smaller meals in the next few hours. You should be able to offset the indugence well.

You will notice that these small pointers will work wonders. Not just in losing weight, but also in your approach to food. You will find that you will power to fight high calorie foods stronger, temptations reduced, and also cravings virtually gone. You will enjoy eating boiled and healthy foods since you know you are going a long way in helping the body. And most importantly, the body know when to stop eating!

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