5 Effective Home Remedies For Kidney Failure


Kidney is a very important organ of the human body. Located at the back of the abdomen, our kidneys play a vital role in the waste removal process. It is the most significant excretory organ and helps in filtering the body fluids and removing them with the help of the bladder in the form of urine. Cases of Kidney failure are rising at an alarming rate. The most common symptoms of kidney failure include swelling of the feet, swelling of the face and the entire body is also a possibility.

kidney failure

Apart from it fever, dizziness, urinary infection, back aches etc. are also common to kidney abnormalities. One should treat kidney breakdown the moment it is detected. Once reckoned at the early stages it is possible to control and cure kidney failure through some basic home remedies.

Effective Home Remedies For Kidney Failure

Consume Less Salt

Sodium is known to directly or indirectly propel the swelling of feet and other parts of the body. To avoid any aggravation to one’s already failing kidney, one should consume the least possible amount of salt. You may be feeling content in your mind that I hardly add any raw salt to my food but what you are unaware is that all the canned food that we consume contains high levels of preservatives. The most commonly used preservative being sodium chloride. So one must avoid all canned food. Eat freshly cooked food with very little salt.


The Magic Of Cranberry

In recent times people are swearing more and more by the effectiveness of cranberries. Cranberry, a great anti-oxidant is also a rich source of Vitamin C. Cranberry is known to be very beneficial in removing kidney stones and easing the process of urine excretion. Thanks to such properties Cranberry is an important, safe and healthy option in curing Kidney failure. Again, you should avoid canned cranberries as far as possible. Try and incorporate raw cranberries into your breakfast regime or try to extract the juice fresh at home for the best results.


Juice of Radish

Radish has long been known for its effect in curing kidney failure. It primarily helps in easing the urine flow. You should mix a teaspoon of radish juice to a glass of boiling water and drink it every morning. It helps in cleansing the system. Apart from it if you have the time and are worried about you current state you could make an excellent juice consisting of 1 spoon juice of queen of the meadow herb, 1 spoon radish juice, 1 spoon parsley juice, all mixed in a glass of luke warm water. Regular consumption of this remedial measure is known to show drastic results in curing Kidney failures.

radish juice

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Stop Consuming High-potassium And Phosphorous Food

High levels of potassium is not good for individuals showing signs of kidney failure. You should replace fruits like banana and oranges with those like apples, cranberries, and grapes, as they have lower potassium content. Also include more of cabbages and beans in your diet instead of high potassium vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes. Similarly phosphorous is not good for the health as it is known to have adverse effects on the bones. One should avoid dairy products of all types.

dairy product

Dandelion Herbs

One should incorporate calcium rich food in their diet along with raw Dandelion herb. This in combination is known to be an effective agent in preventing the occurrence of kidney stones. Dandelion herb is commonly available and can easily be used in its raw state in the form of salads or sprinkled over soups and vegetables.