11 Effective Natural Cures For Bags Under Eyes


Have you lately noticed dark, puffy skin under your otherwise attractive eyes? Not just you, bags under eyes is majorly a cosmetic concern, but sometimes points towards a more serious trouble.

bags under eyes

Formation of unsightly under eye bags can be the result of either insufficient hours of sleep, natural process of aging, allergies or fluid retention. Make use of any of the below mentioned natural cures to control under eye puffiness.

Natural Cures For Bags Under Eyes

Fennel Seeds

We all know fennel seeds serve culinary purpose that please the taste buds, but did you know that these seeds can also take care of the unsightly puffiness around your eyes? Make regular use of the following remedy at home to minimize the swelling. You may either crush two or three teaspoons of fennel seeds using a mortar and pestle or put a rolling pin to use. Place the crushed seeds on a cotton pellet or a large sized coffee filter. Slightly dab this compress in tepid water and enjoy the cooling effect after placing it over your closed eyes for five to ten minutes. You may repeat the application more than once in a day. With regular use, you will begin to notice positive changes in less than two weeks.


Sliced Cucumber Compress

It is a well known fact that cucumber slices provide instant relief to tired, over worked eyes and helps heal the under eye puffiness too. Being high in water content, cucumbers provide a cooling effect, which constricts the diameter of blood carrying vessels and reduces the problematic under eye bags. If you are not quite fond of placing thin slices of cucumber over and around your eyes, here is an equally effective alternative. Simply grate or blend two to three cucumbers and strain the pulp. Collect the liquid extracted and keep it in the refrigerator for roughly twenty minutes. Next, soak a cotton swab in the juice and use it for applying the cucumber extract over the peri-orbital area. Rinse it off using water after fifteen to twenty minutes.


Almond Oil

Free your eyes from under eye discolouration and sagginess by using nutrient rich almond oil. This natural cure moisturizes baggy under eye skin and provides it with a healthy dose of Vitamins E and D. With frequent use, you will be pleased with the toned results.

almond oil

Supercooled Teaspoons Make a Quick Fix For Bags Under Eyes

If you are looking for a fast acting and convenient, natural remedy to counteract the puffy eyes, there cannot be a better option than using chilled teaspoons. Quickly toss two clean teaspoons in the freezer for a few minutes or dip them in a glass containing ice water. Once they are cooled sufficiently, place the convex portion over the puffy under eye bags till the spoon loses the cool sensation. The low temperature usually helps cut down the puffiness.

supercool teaspoon

Raw Potatoes

Using raw potatoes is one of the simplest, age old remedies one can take full advantage of, for bright looking eyes. Simply wash and dry a raw potato. Peel it off and place thin slices of the same over each eye lid. Reduction in under eye swelling and sagginess will be seen only after ten minutes. Repeat this remedy as many times as possible for visible tightened and toned under eye skin results.


Borage Eye Compress

The oval shaped leaves of Borage or Borago officinalis works by clearing the puffiness surrounding the eye region as well as resolves eye redness induced by over exertion and infection. One can readily buy dried borage leaves from the market. Add a teaspoon of borage leaves to a cup of boiling water and allow it to steep for half an hour. Leave the infusion to cool down, after which you can carefully strain the liquid and store it. To prepare the compress, dip a clean cotton ball in the herbal infusion and place it over the eyes. For best results, leave it on for five to ten minutes.



Puffy bags and dark circles under the eyes may hint towards lack of proper hydration. Try to drink a minimum of six to eight glasses of water in a day. This does not include caffeine containing beverages or alcohol, as both work as natural diuretics (which extract water from the system). The habit of sipping water at frequent intervals during the day will go a long way in maintaining pretty eyes and radiant skin too.

drink water

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Sleep Well

Lack of sleep makes one look and feel worn out, especially in the area around the eyes. Give your mind and body at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. This helps in preventing accumulation of fluid in the area under the eyes. Puffy eyes may also be the consequence of incorrect sleeping posture. Prevent the pooling of fluid below the eyes by keeping your head slightly elevated whilst sleeping (instead of sleeping flat). The elevation combats the pull of gravity and favours downward flow of the fluid.


Lower Sodium Intake

Take out some time to analyze your eating pattern. If your platter mostly consists of salt or sodium rich foods, it may contribute to under eye bags.Excess of sodium intake, either in the form of processed foods or salted nuts favour water retention, which sometimes collects in peri-orbital skin region.

sodium rich food

Rosemary Oil and Butter

Gently massage the skin under and around the eyes using a mixture of shea butter and rosemary oil. Do so by making small circular motions using the finger tips. The presence of caffeic acid and rosemarinic acid aids in reducing the swelling by controlling inflammatory processes.

rosemary oil

Tea Bags

A cool, damp used tea bag must be used to get rid of under eye circles and puffy look. However, you must note it’s skin benefits last for only a short while. Therefore, it is essential to use this remedy on a daily basis for lasting results. You are free to use either regular tea bags or the ones containing herbs, such as chamomile or eyebright. What you need to do is to steep two tea bags in hot water for five minutes, pull them out and leave them to cool thoroughly. You may wrap the tea bags in tissue paper so as to avoid stains on the skin surface. Allow them to sit over closed eyes for at least twenty minutes. The rich content of natural astringent such as tannins helps control inflammation and tone the skin under and around the eyes.

tea bag