15 Effective Natural Cures For Migraine Headaches

Migraine has the ability to make you lose your mind as the pain caused by it is unbearably nagging. Popping pills as soon as it starts helps abate the headache but before that try using these home remedies.

Migraine headaches

Home Remedies For Curing Migraine

Medicinal Herb

Buttrebur is an herb which is known to reduce pain and inflammation. It is known to be toxic but various studies have proved its efficiency when it comes to conquering chronic headaches. It is concurred that it can also combat migraine headache before it becomes full blown. Butterbur’s roots, leaf and bulb is used to prepare medicines. Caution has to be exercised when it comes to using this herb as it contains harmful chemicals called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) which are known to cause substantial damage to the liver. Medicines prepared from the butterbur are safe to use if it has been certified as being free from PA.


Eat Magnesium Rich Diet

Lack of adequate amount of magnesium in the body can be one of the many causes of migraine. A dose of 200mg is known to be safe which can be taken on a daily basis to control the headaches. It has been observed in few people that the absorption of magnesium by the body is poor, in this case the person might suffer from diarrhea. Magnesium helps in relaxation of muscles. Magnesium could be found in sufficient quantity in nuts, fruits and vegetables, soy products and whole grains.

magnesium diet


Riboflavin is soluble in water so the body cannot store it and the excess comes out through urine. Taking essential quantity of riboflavin may help reduce migraine headaches. Riboflavin is found in green leafy vegetables, eggs, sesame seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, fish, wheat bran and almonds.


Sniff With Care

Certain strong smells like the smell of perfumes, incense sticks, petrol can initiate and trigger migraine headaches almost instantly. The actual cause for this sensitivity to smells is not clear but is said that it affects the nervous system. Surround yourself with pleasant mild aromas like that of peppermint, eucalyptus or citrus smells like that of oranges or lime.



Ginger can alleviate the highly unpleasant nausea which is accompanied by the migraine headaches. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effects help in aborting the headaches. Research has shown that the lipids and oils present in ginger may help treat the migraine. Ginger is known to block the prostaglandins in the body which could trigger the migraine as they are responsible for many physiological functions. Ginger can be used in powdered form or by boiling ginger extract with water and using this liquid for making tea. The recommended dosage for migraine is 1/3rd teaspoon of powdered ginger taken immediately after the first signs of headache appear. The caution to be exercised is to avoid ginger if it causes acidity and heartburn so it is always advisable to ask your doctor’s advice before trying ginger as a treatment for curing migraine headaches.


Sip Enough Water

Keeping oneself adequately hydrated can alter the headaches as lack of sufficient fluid in the body can trigger headaches. Lime juice with ginger is a refreshing drink which also helps in combating headache.

drink water

Omega three Fatty Acids

Getting adequate omega three fatty acids helps reducing the headaches. Fish and eggs are the best sources for omega three fatty acids. Besides this flax seed is also a rich source of these fatty acids.


Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol

Caffeine can reduce the headache if taken in small quantities but overdose of caffeine triggers headache. Alcohols can also cause headaches as it dilutes blood vessels present in the brain. Red wine has tyramine which can be the cause of migraine headaches.

Avoid alcohol

Bishop’s Weed

Bishop’s weed also known as ajwain is an effective herb which can stop migrane headaches. The extract of ajwain juice can be applied on the temples for relief from headaches. Sniffing the leaves can also soothe the pain.

bishop weed


Cinnamon paste applied on the temples can have a cooling effect on the temples which helps abating the headache.


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Hot and Cold Compression

Hot and Cold compression can also comfort you. Some are not comfortable with cold compression, hot compression relaxes the muscles by providing better comfort than cold compression. Cold compression known as cyrotherapy constricts the blood vessels and relaxes the nerves. A Towel with ice cubes inside it can be used for cold compression, similarly a towel dipped in hot water which is squeezed after dipping can be placed on the head for relief. A few drops of eucalyptus oil can also be infused in the water for that extra curative measure.

ice cubes

Fresh air

Breathing fresh air can be very pleasing and can calm the nerves which helps in lessening the demonic pain caused by migraine headaches.

breath fresh air

Exercise, Meditation, Massage and Acupuncture

Sometimes light exercises like jogging can diminish the pain. Exercises distract you from the pain by producing endorphin which makes you feel lighter and better. Meditation can also help during those ruthless attacks of migraine. Shutting your eyes and listening to soothing sounds can provide a great deal of relaxation. Acupuncture can give you temporary relief by putting pressure on certain points on your fingers. Massage will relax the muscles in your body and help alleviate the pain by inducing sleep. It is advisable to use oils without any perfumes otherwise the strong perfumes might reverse the procedure by aggravating the headache.


Laughter is the best Medicine

Laughing and having a good conversation can prove to be an effective deterrent for the headache. Sitting with friends and being under the positive influence of your loved ones can bring relief from migrane headaches.


Rub Your Temples

Rubbing your temples with any kind of balm will give you the cold sensation which numbs the pain temporarily. It is best to avoid migraine headaches by keeping a note of the things which you feel can trigger it. Taking care of the basic things like eating on time, avoiding direct and harsh sunlight, drinking enough water and regular exercising can evade the headache.

rubbing temples