Favouring Fennel

Fennel seeds are used in a variety of ways to produce different remedial actions. Different forms of alternative medicine use fennel to cure ailments in many ways. The potent properties of fennel make it a favorite in most remedies.

Fennel is slightly sweet in taste, a little pungent and bitter. It is used as an appetizer, digestive and carminative. It satisfies thirst,subsides vomiting sensations, colic, the formation of mucus, and feverishness. It is particularly useful in the treatment of disorders of the eye.

A little hot and cold, the post digestive action of fennel is sweet. When cleaned and roasted, it is used popularly as a mouth freshener to be had after meals. It is also found to increase the production of breast milk, and helps tone up the uterus.

Fennel is a good diuretic, and brings clear urine, and can cure those who suffer gas when taken after food. Used as a co-adjutant to senna, it helps bring clear motion.

During the summer, a drink made using almonds, pistachios, fennel and rose petals rubbed and mixed together with milk is most refreshing. It cools the system and allows it the cumulative benefits of all properties made with each ingredient.

Distilled water prepared from dry fennel can be given to infants to improve appetite and digestion. The syrup made from the distilled water is cooling and soothing.

The powder made using fennel and liquorice, pure clarified butter and sugar has been found to subside heat in the body.

Fennel can be used as an additive to food. It makes a good tempering agent and can season vegetables and pickles well. Fennel can also be used to enhance the flavor of drinks and sherbets.

Understand and use fennel and see the cool change it brings to your life. It’s worth it.