Five Excellent Home Remedies For Dry Eyes


The problem of dry eyes is medically known as Keratitis Sicca. It is not a disease; it is a syndrome where low secretion of eye water makes our eyes dry. In normal case the water gland of eyes secrets water and keep our eyes moist.

Dry Eyes

But when this syndrome affects anybody, low secretion of water makes eyes dry and the result is burning sensation, itching and irritation in our eyes. It hampers the normal routine of our life as it damages the normal visual power.

Effective Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

Though dry eyes problem is not a serious problem, it may damages our vision permanently if we do not cure it in time. To cure it you have to visit an eye specialist and go through under artificial eye water treatment. But before going to doctor you may try some home remedies of dry eyes. These are effective. This article will give you a few information on effective home remedies of dry eyes.

Green Tea

Soak a teaspoon green tea in a cup of boiling water. Keep the lid on for five minutes and then strain the tea. After that, put the green tea in refrigerator to make it chill.

Green Tea

Now soak two cotton balls in the chilled green tea and put them on your closed eyes for a minute. Repeat the process. This method helps you to make your eyes moist. Practice this method everyday and soon get rid of the dry eyes problems.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil plays a good role to cure dry eyes very quickly. Take some mustard oil in a bottle with narrow mouth. Inhale this pungent oil again and again. The tears will come out automatically. Inhale mustard oil everyday and soon get rid of dry eyes.

Mustard Oil

You can also apply mustard oil on your eyes to get rid of dry eyes. Take some very good quality mustard oil. Soak your fingers in it. Before soaking, do not forget to make your finger completely clean. Now with the help of your fingers apply mustard oil on the edge of your eyes. Close your eyes for a moment. Tears will come out and will make your eyes wet.

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Buy some very good quality glycerin from medicine shop.


Apply little amount of it on your eyes. Wait for a moment. It will make your eyes moist. Practice this method every alternate day to get the benefit.

Camphor Kajole

Make kajole (eye liner) with camphor and apply it on your eyes every day. It will cure dry eyes. Burn a piece of camphor. Place a clean silver dish on the flame.

camphor Kajole

Black powdery substance will stuck on the dish. Now pour 2-3 drops of pure coconut or olive oil and make a paste. Your kajole (eye liner) is ready. Apply it on your eyes every day. You will soon get rid of dry eyes.

Water And Lavender Oil

Take a bowl of warm water. Pour 2-3 drops of lavender oil in it.

Lavender Oil

Mix well. Use this water to wash your eyes again and again every day. It will help to cure your dry eyes soon.

Follow these home remedies and soon cure your dry eyes naturally. But, if the problem persists immediately take the help of an ophthalmologist.