Five Excellent Tips To Clean Your Elbows


People sometimes get worry about their elbows. They cannot understand why their elbow is so rough and black when other parts of their body are soft, smooth and shiny. People especially the dark skinned people experience very rough and coarse skin on their elbows. It seems as if the elbow is dirty and mud has stuck on it. Yes, your elbow is dirty but it is not mud, it is actually the dead skin, which accumulates on your elbows. Regular accumulation of dead skin gives your skin an ashy appearance. But you can make your elbows soft and light colored with proper cleaning process. This article will help you in this matter.

Five Excellent Tips To Clean Your Elbows

Effective Tips To Clean Your Elbows

Regular Exfoliation of Elbows

You need to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin from the upper layer of the skin. So, mix some coarse natural products like lentil powder, rice powder, chick pea powder, etc. with milk or yogurt to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your skin and rub gently. It will help to remove dead skin from your elbows and will give a clean look. Apply this every alternate day. There are various readymade scrubs available in the market. Buy those, which are made for men’s exfoliation because strong grains are needed to exfoliate your elbows which are absent in women’s scrub. Exfoliation makes your skin smooth and soft.


Apply Lemon Juice And Sugar

You need to lighten the black skin of the elbows. For this purpose natural product like lemon has no alternate. Slice one lemon in half and rub this on your elbows for 5-10 minutes before going to take bath. Lemon juice being acidic naturally lightens the dark skin of elbows. While rubbing the lemon sprinkle some sugar granules on elbows. It will help to remove dead cell from there. Instead of lemon you can use some readymade bleach on your elbow to lighten its color.

Lemon And Sugar

Full Cream Milk and Honey

Mix full cream milk and pure quality honey in a container. Apply it on your elbows and wait till it gets dry. After that, wash your elbows with plain water. Both milk and honey nourish and hydrates your elbow and make it look good.

Milk and Honey

Use Loofah While Bathing

When you take bath, use loofah. Pour a good amount of soap on your loofah and rub it on your elbow to make good leather. It will help to remove dirt and grease from your elbow.


Apply Moisturizer, Rich Cream and Vitamin E on Your Elbow

Apply a great amount of moisturizer on your elbow after washing and cleaning it. Moisturizer helps to keep your skin moist and oily. Massage rich cream on your elbows everyday for 10 – 15 minutes everyday. It will keep your elbows moist. Break one vitamin E capsules and mix it with one tablespoon of body cream or moisturizer. Mix it well and massage it on your elbows for 10-15 minutes before going to sleep at night. This helps you to get rid of dirty, coarse and black elbow within few days. Follow these tips sincerely and soon get beautiful and soft elbows.